Saturday, January 14, 2012

THE STING: Being Loyal to God!

Remember the movie called "THE STING" were the corrupt banker was set up? That was a pretty slick operation in that movie. In today's world these string operations ( the real ones) that our government does always generate plenty of publicity about what the sting was about. After the news they put the news out for all to here. In Bible times the Babylonian officials conducted their own sting that caught the three Hebrew children who were provincial governors in a clear violation of Nebuchadnezzar's command and his law. So what was  was the crime that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego committed? It was failing to bow down to the ninety foot image that was gold Plated. [Daniel 3: 8-12] Their crime was they would only serve the living God who made Heaven and earth.

Their disobedience outraged Nebuchadnezzar so much that he did not wait around, sentence was passed and they were put unto the fiery furnace.  [Daniel 3: 19-23] The three Hebrew children committed a act of disloyalty to the king, but it was a courageous act of loyalty to their God. Years later something similar happened when Darius was king. Informers exposed Daniel for not obeying a degree against praying to any god or ruler but Darius. Daniels was thrown into the lions den for punishment. [Daniel 6:16] Both times we can see that the Lord delivered his people from death, although not from the threat of death. Their bold stand for the truth and their God influenced others to fear God, and also helped remove the trouble makers. [Daniel 3:26] and [Daniel 6: 21-27].

In this day and time we must ask ourselves what it would be like if our government used stings to expose Christian Believers for worshiping and practicing there faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Just think what would it be like for the government to catch you in a sting for doing just that. BEING LOYAL TO THE LORD! Some who read this might laugh or say that this writer is going to far. But is He? It is already being reported, (that this very thing is happening, in some countries in the middle eat. Christians in this country (The USA) today are being discriminated against more and more everyday by a government that wants to reject the living God and replace it with a form of religion that is called "Political Correctness"  God is being rejected in our schools, in our court rooms, and in our very government that was found on the laws of the Bible and their belief of Jesus The Christ.

I must tell you that there is coming (and it is upon us now) a evil spirit that will cause the government to do today the same thing that the Babylonian government did in Bible times. Things are lining up fast for this very thing to happen and then I believe that is when the Lord our God will say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" and we (His followers) will be out of here. Even a fool can see what is happening right now, even though in his heart the fool will not bow down to the One who can save him. Even now there are demon powers lining up to take over this country. We (all true believers) must pray: "EVEN COME LORD JESUS" That is my prayer" What is yours my brothers and sisters?

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