Thursday, January 12, 2012


The woman who was caught in the very act of adultery and was dragged before Jesus had to have been just plain out humiliated and embarrassed as she was brought to the temple by self-righteous men who were only using her, to begin with, to try to trick Jesus who they hated. According to the law, at that time, adultery  was punished by death of both parities. (Lev 20-10). So my question is this: WHAT HAPPEN TO THE MAN IN THIS STORY? Or was there a double standard here?

What is so great about this story Jesus did not challenge the hypocrisy of these men.. But what he did do was set a new standard for judgement. Let someone who was perfect decide the case. (John 8: 7-11) (Matt 5: 48) And in that group of people He was the only one who could really do it. And he did decide the case, because he would not condemn the woman, but instead told her "Go and sin no more". I'm so glad that when I was a sinner it was Jesus who found me not guilty and not some of the condemning church world. Oh what a Savior!

The sad thing is just like in those days, most, people today have a double standard in their moral judgment of other people. Most people are so eager to point out and make a big to do over the speck in someone eye when in their own eye there is a mud pie and they ignore that. Like the woman in this Bible story there are those that have experienced the grace of God and His forgiveness for sins that they have committed. If God has forgiven us, let us all live in his Almighty Grace and sin no more.  We were all lost and undone at one time, without God or His Son when He Reached down his hand for us. God Bless!

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