Sunday, January 22, 2012


Some famous leaders in today’s church world need to stop and think how Jesus became famous among the people in His time on earth. His fame came from the power of His preaching and from those who He healed. It did not come from any mega church, any prosperity messages, or from Him promising any pie in the sky if you gave a certain amount of money. His gatherings came from the word being preached under the anointing and the miracles He performed.
Jesus became famous among His own people, but Our Lord did not handle it like our leaders do today. He showed a very different style for His acclaim that was made among the people. He was not, and never would be like some of the leaders in our churches and the government in today’s world. Instead of a parade of trumpets and chariots or a well planned ceremony down to the last, Jesus rode into town on a donkey, a common beast of burden and a poor mades ride. There was no magnificent war horse. Today most mega preachers have enough cars to drive a different one everyday of the week and some as many airplanes as well. I believe that every man or woman of God should have a nice home, a nice car, and decent clothes, but to many of them, today, are going way beyond that.
Instead of Jesus walking arm in arm with the all powerful, the city officials, and the celebrates of His time he was with a small band of fishermen, a formal tax collector, and some Galileans. That was His parade. [Matthew 21: 12-13]. When Jesus got to the end of the parade route He did not go into the buildings of the rich and famous, or to the rich and powerful. Instead He went into a place of worship. While He was there he overthrew the tables of the money changers, the unjust business owners that used the poor and the temple as a place to make money. Jesus’ eyes were on the blind, the sick, the lame, and the little children. [Matt. 21:14-16] And at the end of His days work He spent the night at a modest house in Bethany [Matt. 21:17]  Jesus talked to and focused His time on, mostly, the people outside of the system of power and privilege [Luke 4:18] How does a lot of Gods ministers measure up to that?

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