Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Two Witnesses

As we read the Book of Revelation we read in the eleventh chapter of the two witnesses who Gods sends to the earth during the Great tribulation to pronounce judgments, to call down plagues upon the earth and warn the people of the coming of the end of all things. Much is said about these two witnesses. They will receive power from God  and they will prophecy for two hundred and three score days in sack cloth. Why the sack cloth? The could mean that they are to also preaching repentance. Sack cloth was used in several places through out the Bible when repentance was preached or a person repented. They probably also wore sack clothe because they were mourning the terrible wickedness of the world and The Lord’s judgment on it. So in appearance and actions people would have no trouble knowing who these two were and what they were saying. Believing these witnesses will  be a different matter. What would you do today if two men just appeared from nowhere dressed in sack cloth and was telling you to repent because time is short? would you fall on your knees and ask forgiveness or would you just laugh it off?

These two witnesses will be killed by the anti-christ and they will lay in the street for three and a half days without being buried so the whole world can see. The people will be able to see because of TV. What do you think will happen when people will see these two witnesses rise up from the dead and ascend into heaven? Will they realize that the word of God is being fulfilled before their eyes? Much could be said about the responsibility of this two men but did you ever notice that in most religious circles there is more discussion as to who these two witnesses  are than what God’s  purpose for them are.


There should be no second guessing as to who one of these two witnesses are. One of them we know is Elijah. Malachi has this to say in chapter four verses four: “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the dreadful day of the Lord!” So by this scripture alone we have Elijah as one of the two witnesses. More than anything else the big question and discussion  by most Christians about these two witnesses is: “Who is the other Witness?” There are mostly two point of views on that question. Bible scholars are pretty much split with some scholars saying it is Enoch and others saying it is Moses. It is impossible to be firm as to who this second person is so let us take a closer look at the the two and let you make up your mind.

Moses was called by God to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt. He called down plagues, performed miracles, preached God’s Word He was present, with Elijah, at the transfiguration of Jesus. Moses and Elijah both used supernatural means to provoke repentance the same as the two witnesses will do, also the Jews have a tradition that predicts  Moses will return. Read  {Deut. 18:15-18} When Moses died he was buried by God in a place where it would never be found. This pretty much sums up the evidence that a lot of Bible scholars and Bible commentaries put forth to say the second witness is Moses.

Enoch and Elijah have this in common. They were both prophets They were both translated to heaven with out seeing death. They both must die their own appointed death. Their lives are parallel to each other. We must ask our self these questions: “Why were these two men { Enoch and Elijah} taken to heaven without seeing death? What purpose did the Lord have in mind, Why were these two men the only ones the Bible records as being taken to heaven without seeing death and why does the scripture say that: “It is appointed to man once to die?” These are some compelling questions.

I have studied the Bible the most of my life and by no means am I a authority on it, but from what this writer reads and puts together the rise or fall of Enoch and Elijah as the two witnesses are combined together. However some scholars have different thoughts on this subject and I simply disagree with them, buy I also humbly respect their views.

Friday, February 27, 2009


Why Home School?
My father in law asked me a couple of months ago to write something on home schooling for his website. I did not know what to say about it, not because I don’t have strong feelings concerning home schooling but because I was not sure how to put it into words. So, I have prayed and asked the Lord to lead me in this writing.
I will start with the bottom line: the U.S. students’ math and science scores are below other nations, we substitute Ritalin for gym and recess, prayer in school for drugs, condoms, and gangs, “sir” and “mam” for knives and guns, acceptable corporal punishment in exchange for innocent children being shot down in the very, place were they should be safest. All while the history books are being rewritten to remove any mention of God or patriotism, lest our children miraculously rise up and keep the American embers alive. We really don’t have a choice if we love our God, children, and country, but to home school or use an alternative form of education to the public school system. If you cannot, don’t despair trust in God’s strength to raise up your little man or lady to be a light and a missionary in the public system, and God will give you the grace and wisdom you and they will need.
Things are about to get hard for all of us who are called by the name of Christ . Be vigilant in raising God -fearing, young patriots, like that famous home schooled patriot Patrick Henry who said “Give me liberty, or give me death“. It is our duty to our God, our founding fathers, and our children’s children. Who knows, but the million plus who are home schooled may just be a preserved remnant of an otherwise lost and desolate generation
Having said that, home schooling is not for the faint hearted. It takes real work and commitment. What you need, besides God’s grace, is consistency and a vision for your calling.
The choice to home school is not just a choice in and of itself, but rather a calling from God you decide whether to choose or not. What you don’t need is a degree or a fancy room and materials or a rigid by the book schedule. Flexibility is important, especially if the parent also has toddlers or infants. One very important thing I am learning is that a lack of flexibility robs you and your children of the joy home schooling can bring.
My husband was the one who wanted me to home school from the beginning. I wanted to send my children to Christian School , however , when the time came for my oldest son to begin school we did not have the finances. The one thing my husband and I agreed on was that we did not want our children to go into the public school indoctrination if at all possible. The only choice I saw was to submit to my husband’s home school idea, temporarily. But, while I viewed home schooling as my only choice at the time, God later revealed to me it was my calling for this season in my and my children’s lives. I am now in my fourth year home schooling and have two students, next fall I will have my third student when my youngest son begins pre-k. When it is all said and done I will have four students within the next year or so.
When I first began it seemed like a daunting task, everyday I could only see where I had failed and would cry tears in frustration and fear over my children’s education. But, God was patient with me and I heard good speakers on the radio, read some encouraging Christian literature whenever I could, and little by little God began to mold me into a home school mom ( and He is still molding me, I am living proof of a very , patient God to whom I am eternally grateful!)
The Lord has encouraged me a lot lately in seeing my children excel academically, my five year old being a full year ahead and reading so well. He is also ahead for his age in karate and made student of the month. My oldest is doing well in math the only area he struggled with. He is also, becoming an avid Bible reader and is able to quote relevant scripture passages during spiritual conversations he contributes to at a higher level than his age. He also excels in karate and has received an award for perseverance. All, this shows me God is in control and will bless the work if it is His will and being done for His glory. I did not say this to brag in any way because all good comes only from and through God Who alone is perfect. I merely noted the accomplishments as examples to what home school kids can do.
One of the things I discovered that I needed was to loosen up a bit. For example, if something came up where one or two subjects could not be completed that afternoon I could just make it up the next day or refigure the schedule. After all, public schools have snow days, PTA meetings, and various other events that cancel school days and cause parents to have an unseemly amount of homework to do with their children.
Schedules and planning, however, are invaluable. Stay consistent which is an important virtue of anything in life or in any stage of life. And it serves our children well, to have it modeled. I try to stay on schedule consistently. I usually start school the day after Labor Day and take very, few holidays which gives me leverage when we need a sick day, or another unexpected occurrence. And, we have been blessed to finish the year a few weeks ahead of the public schools. However, every parent chooses what works best for their family.

Another thing I discovered from speaking to parents who use public education is: THEY ARE ALREADY HOME SCHOOLING THEIR CHILDREN EVERY NIGHT WITH THEIR HOMEWORK! More often than not the parent is teaching the child the material, seeing to it that they do the exercises, memorize their various tables and charts, and supervise the reading. That is home school! The only difference is that the child can be taught earlier in the day at home when both parent and child are more alert and fresh and your child has the afternoon to be outside and be a kid. Home schooling also puts the indoctrination and protection of the child back where God Almighty in His Sovereign will intended it to be: With the parents of that child.
If you are afraid of lack of activity or exercise or interaction from home schooling, you don’t need to worry. Home school students are often more active in extra curricular activities than their public school counter parts. In fact a lot of home school families are in danger of burn out because of over compensating. My family is guilty of this, as well. The truth is there are many ways for exercise and activities in home school. You can order a good program in a home school catalog, CBD Home School Catalog is a good example. You can enroll them in the soccer and baseball leagues in season, karate (what my sons do, is not only good exercise it also encourages strong character and perseverance as well as teamwork) also, dance studios for children and even the YMCA swimming program have special home school classes during weekday mornings and afternoons. And since public schools are completely phasing out gym, homeschoolers are getting more exercise anyway!
There are home school co-op meetings( we go to one on Friday mornings) where homeschoolers get together. While the school age children take advantage of classes such as creative writing, algebra I, II, and science labs, taught by the various parents of the co-op, moms get to talk to other moms and the toddlers get to have a play date. And, don’t forget Boy and Girl Scouts and the many wonderful youth programs your local church may have to offer. We personally do AWANA at our church and my children love it and have excelled in Scripture memorization. All this can be checked out online or by making phone calls.
Another worry can be in registering and having your schooling checked on. Also, purchasing the right literature and doing the grading and transcripts can be stressful. Some moms are old hands at this and can check with the Board of Education and put together from various sources their curricula for the year, and expertly grade and transcript. For people like myself this would be overwhelming, so there are different churches around the community that do umbrella groups. They basically, handle the BOE for you, at a reasonable fee, and you merely give them whatever information they may need from you . And, a simple way to get curriculum is to enroll in a home school system that prepares the year’s literature and tests for your student as well as does the grading and transcripts. That is what we do. We use Christian Liberty Academy School System or CLASS. They handle everything, even legal help if you, God forbid, need it. For a parent bringing children out of the public school system you may find their curricula a bit challenging. They have a high academic standard and their graduates have even gone on to Oxford. But, they give you a full twelve months to finish a school year, teacher’s manuals, teaching aids, and online/phone help. The Home School Legal Defense also has a website of invaluable help.
I pray the thoughts and information were helpful. God bless you and your family as you seek out His calling for your lives. I know what I must do.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

What Part of Thou Shall Not Do People Not Understand?

imageFor centuries this wonderful country of ours has followed the Ten Commandments and it has brought us God’s Protection and His grace. We see these Ten Commandments in our Court rooms, schools, and in our government buildings but now some people would have us to be separate from them. What we as a country really need is to return to them and live by them. There was a reason that God give the commandments to us. They were not just suggestions or something that we could go by if we wanted to. These commandments were not just a general idea for us to go by. When God said thou shall not He was saying do not do it. Most of the criminal and moral laws in this country can be traced back to these the “THOU SHALL NOTs” of God’s Word. But yet this country now has a attitude that “I shall do what I want”
THOU SHALL HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME    It is a shame when some Christian people today put other things first, before God, like their new house, new car, or job. Any time we put something else before God and that thing is more important to us than the Lord we are worshipping something else and not Him. We are to personally put Him first in our life before anything else. there is nothing wrong with having these things but God must come first in your life. Some people worship the blessing instead of the one who blesses us. We are to love God with all our heart and soul.  How do we do that? The lord wants and expects our praises. He expects our worship. When we love God we will serve him and keep his commandments. Not just some of them but all of them. What is so hard to understand about that?
YOU SHALL NOT TAKE THE NAME OF THE LORD YOUR GOD IN VAIN  Taking the Lord’s name in vain pertains to all blasphemy, all swearing, all perjury and in fact all irreverent use of God’s name. This is a everyday thing anymore with most people using the Lord’s name in vain. To them it is just like saying anything else.
REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY AND KEEP IT HOLY   We are to take that day as a day of rest. We as Christians take Sunday now as that day of rest. This is for a day of rest, to worship God, and to have fellowship with our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Most Americans take more than just Sunday off and still do not rest or give thanks to the Lord by attending church. Years ago in this country Sunday was truly a day of rest. There was nothing done that did not have to be done. It was a day to rest and count your blessings and to be thankful.
HONOUR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER. when children honor their father and mother they will also honor God and god said He would bless them with long life. In today, society most kids do not have any respect for their parents or will most of them obey their parents. Parents must start at a early age to train their children to have respect for them and a devotion for God. This training must start and be maintained in the home through out the growth of the child. When a child respects his or her parents they will also respect other people because it all begins in the home as the parent trains up our child in they way they should go. If you want your child to be respectful in school to the teachers and to his or her class mates then start the child off right at home. If you want respect and honor from your child then start them off right in a Christian home living by what the Bible Teaches.
YOU SHALL NOT KILL  To kill someone and spill their blood is a very serious sin against the Lord and a crime against our fellow man. According to Romans 13:4 and other scriptures in the Bible it is the duty to put to death a person for a capital crime such as killing (murder) of his fellowman. Each year the murder rate grows in this country to a new and higher level. This goes against God’s word and there will be a payday.
YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY   When a man and women are married they become one flesh and honor should be placed on that marriage. That marriage is truly dearer than life and to break that marriage by committing adultery was once a serious crime, but now with most people it is no worse than telling a little white lie. the act of adultery is still a very serious crime to God and if it is not repented of a person will pay at the judgment seat of Christ. Keep that vow to your wife or your husband.
YOU SHALL NOT STEAL  Very simply a person is not to take what does not belong to him. That is very simply put but it should not need no more explaining. Just think of how much crime in this country would stop by just following this one simple command. Thou shall not steal.

YOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS  When a person lies and does not tell the truth about his fellow man in a court of law we have a false witness and if a person in a crowd of people talk about someone and try to belittle him or tell untruths about him they are bearing false witness against that person. When we rise up against someone with lies and false truths we are bearing false witness. How many people are in jail today because of a false witness and how many people’s reputation is ruined because of slander and a false report. When you mislead people against someone you are a false witness and are breaking this great commandment.

YOU SHALL NOT COVET     God knows our most inward thoughts and that inward thought is what leads to all kinds of motives and actions that are committed by a person. When we covet we desire wrongly or without due regard for the rights of others. God hates this sin because it is the foundation for many other sins. I saw, I coveted, I took, is the way it goes and will lead to destruction. When we covet it will only bring heartache in the end. Covet seems like just a small thing but what big things it can bring about.

 I have not named or commented on all the commandments of the Lord. But can you imagine if people would just keep the ones that I have expounded on above and live by them how the crime rate would drop in this country. We must however keep all the Lord’s commandments so things will be well for us and our country. If the majority of people would only give their life to Christ, repent and live by these commandments and others the Lord would heal our land and bless this nation once again. God laid down the right way for us in his commandments. These commandments are not suggestions but commands. What better way is there for us but to trust and obey.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Rest of The Story

I always knew that there were people in this world that hated Christians but until I started with my web site I never knew just how much of the world hates Christ and His followers. I’m so shocked at the hatred that is spewed out by anti-christians over the internet for all the world to see and they just do not care what they say. The videos are just plan blasphemy against God. I just could not believe their irreverent behavior toward anything that  is sacred. The impiety of these people go with out question.

Now I know how Noah felt as he built the ark and all the remarks and fun made at him, because as it was in the days of Noah so it is now. I just have been woke up to the fact of how bad it really is! This country is no longer the land that I truly believed God intended it to be. It is so scary to see how fast this nation has turned their backs on God. I feel like I was just like Peter, James, and John when they went to sleep in the garden!

I want to share a couple of these remarks with the readers, but I will not go into detail because of the graphic nature of the articles. One video was disputing the Holy Bible and called it a book of myths and needs to be put on the self. How sad to hear that. does this person not know that, The Constitution, our court system, and most of our laws that we live by come from this Book. I might add that for over 200 years we have done pretty good living by and believing in this Sacred Book. The basic problem is that people are turning from the Bible and living by their own un-godly standards which in the end will lead to destruction. The heaven and the earth will pass away, but My Words will not pass away, never. This verse above is found three times in the New Testament. Thy word is a lamp into my feet!  God’s word lights the way for us.

In another video the person said that heaven was mystical and it was not no different than the 72 virgins who the muslins believe they will receive when they go to heaven. Little do they know or want to know that Heaven is a real place and not far from the view of all Christians as this world gets more and more sinful!

In a email that I received from a reader of this site it said: You Christians in this country have had your way for over 200 years and now we are going to do it our way. If you do not like it find another country to live in and spread you crap there. Once again I say how sad. I can say this: “I am looking for another country and that place will be a heavenly city whose builder and maker are God! In that city there will be no more wars, no sickness, no sadness, and no more death. What a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall see, when I look upon His face. The one who saved me by His grace. What a day that will be.” I know that in the end we will win because I read the Book!

In closing I want to say to the people who send me the nasty emails blaspheming my Lord and His Holy Word this: It is my duty to love you, prayer for you, to intercede for you, and yes if it is necessary I will turn the other cheek also.   

Monday, February 23, 2009

SOME PEOPLE JUST HATE CHRISTIANS: You can always tell when you are writing the right articles because you will have a lot of pros and cons about the article. I gladly will print both the pros and cons, because I do not say that I'm always right and it is good for other views to be heard, but I will not print comments that blaspheme God or put down people who live by God's standards, nor will I print comments that trash this country. As most of you know this writer also has a conservative web page and recently a couple of articles on that page have mentioned God's name and I received the most vicious hate mails that one could imagine and I do not mean just a couple. After thinking about the articles I come to realize that it was not the article they hate, because nothing was ever said about the main theme of the article, but it was Christ and if they hate Christ then they will hate His followers also. Of a truth I was never so hurt and shocked at some of the comments that were so vulgar that I do not dare show them on the web page. I have been writing articles for over four months now and I have been awaken and realized that I have been asleep to two plain facts that, as a Christian, were always there but I never realized.

The biggest part of this world hates Christ and will do and say anything to degrade and put down Christ and the Christian religion. They will write and say what they want and just do not care. They will do whatever it takes to get their views across. They are united in their thinking and their hate for Christ and the Christian. So where does the Christian fit into all of this and what are they saying? Sad to say it is not much. Why is that? The biggest reason is they are too busy fighting each other, mostly over doctrine issues that will always be issues. I'm glad that I have never come against any brother or sister for their beliefs. If they are a blood bought child of God then I'm for them! If they are saved by the precious blood of Jesus then they are my brother and sister. You may be Baptist, Nazarene, Wesleyan, Pentecostal, Fundamental, Independent, Four Square, Church of God, Assembly of God, or any other denomination but as long as you are washed in the blood of the lamb I count you as a brother or sister.

It is time for all God's children to come together and realize that we are fighting an enemy that wants to destroy us for our beliefs, take away our way of life, and our love for Christ. We need to stop spending the most of our time fighting each other and fight the enemy of our souls. We must fight the Good fight and be over comers if we ever expect to get anywhere for the Lord. That is my thought for today.

Bill Patchett February 23,2009


Friday, February 20, 2009

By the title of this article one would think that I'm going to bring forth an article on tithing. Tithing will be included in this article but it is not the main theme. There are many ways to rob God and tithing is just one of them. I'm a firm believer that we must pay our ten per cent and also a good offering. I also believe that we should use good wisdom where we and to who we are paying those tithes and offerings. We need to check how that money is being used. To many times that money is given with a good heart to be used in the work of the Lord and most of the offering goes elsewhere and very little to the winning of souls. A lot of money is being wasted on things that do not please God. The money should be used for the up keeping of the church, the necessities of the pastor and his family, the churches missionary program, and the outreach programs of the church and church related things.

A lot of Christians think and it is preached to them the more that one gives the more they will prosper. In other words paying tithes and giving offerings is what they think is going to help them get rich deal. It is not. We are not giving what is ours; we are giving back what already belongs to God, which if done with a loving heart does mean that gone will supply all our needs. That is a fact. Please listen to the following.

I have always since becoming a Christian paid my tithes and whatever I could for offering. During all this time I never once was without. I might have been without a job but I never was without, the mortgage being paid. A car to go in and gas to put in it, food to eat, or anything else that I needed because Jesus Christ is the way maker and I'm sure many of you reading this will say the same thing. My God has always supplied my needs. He owns the world and the fullness there of. He never let me go without. When you give with a love of God and because you want to, God will abundantly supply your needs. His word cannot lie. Many people who read this will say amen because God has abundantly supplied their needs as well. Then there are those of you who will not agree with me and will pass the plate with your eyes closed. You are robbing God.

Once when I attended The Park Lane Church of God there was a evangelist there holding a revival and needed a new tent for his ministry. There was a offering taking up for him and even though I had only money that I needed for the closing cost for a house that we were going to settlement on the next day the lord spoke to my heart and I give a hundred dollars toward that mans tent. I thought not about not having enough money for the closing cost after giving the hundred dollars but just the fact that I was able to give for that tent. The next day the real estate agent called and said the price or the house was going to be lower than first stated, the monthly payment was also going to be lower and we would not need to by a washer and dryer because the sellers have decided to let it go with the house. There was more savings. It pays to listen to God's voice and do as he says. Just look at the many folds blessing that I received from that hundred dollars that was giving because I wanted to see souls saved and for no other reason. Now that is what I call: "GOD AT WORK". He will do the same for you.

Now let us look at some other ways that a Christian can rob God. If we give more time to the foot ball game, the baseball, game, basketball, golf, fishing, or any other entertainment than we do to God's Work then we are robbing God. We are robbing God because our heart is somewhere else than doing God's work. Now let me say this there is nothing wrong with the sports that I have mentioned above as long as they do not come before God. God must be before anything else in our life and everything else must be second. One of the definitions in Encarta dictionary for robbery is: "to deprive somebody of something due, expected, or wanted." Isn't that what we are doing when we have a choice to do for God, but rather do something else?

Most Christians will keep their home in top notch shape. They will keep their lawns, automobiles, and everything else that they own in tip top shape. That is good and the right thing to do, but do we give God any of our time to clean his house, to do his yard work? How does your church look? You do not have to have a million dollar church to want to talk care of it. It may be only a building but make it look right. My last thought is this: "Don't rob God. Put Him first in everything that you do. Let everything else be second. Remember He put us first when He went to the cross. We were on his mind and our mind should be on Him and the cross. God Bless

Bill Patchett

February 21,2009


If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, >and will heal their land. Did you ever stop to think about this verse of scripture and try to apply it to today's world? There is a lot to think about when you read that verse.

This country is in the position that it is in today because of sin. Day after day in this country sin abounds more and more. We see it every day in our lives as it grow worse and worse. This country and its people need to really humble their selves and show the respect that is due our God. How can any country or people respect our God when they are living in sin? What this country needs is to be humble and repentant. What must we do to repent and what are this country's evil ways?

If you are a true servant of God then you do not have to ask that question. We have had millions upon millions of unborn babies murdered in this country for many a year. This country calls it abortion. Did you know how Encarta Dictionary defines the word abortion in one of its definitions? It is defined this way: "It is an offensive term for something so badly done or made that it is a complete failure." How sad that a country could do and say this when we are made in the very image of God and so are those dear unborn babies. God knows and remembers each and every one of those aborted {I call it murder} babies. The blood of these unborn babies will be required of this nation and its government on judgment day. This country that was once a great Christian country has degraded itself and turned its back on God for which there will come a reckoning day.


In this country we have men and women who demanded their rights as homosexuals and this great country of ours has given them their rights. We have Adam marrying Steve and Eve marrying Linda. Anybody with a lick of sense knows that goes against nature and God's ordain will for man. We know what happen to Sodom, but apparently this country does not care. Is that same thing in store for this country? Yes it is if America does not turn from its wicked ways and seek the face of our Lord we are doomed. I'm not a gloom and doom person, but the truth is the truth. It is better for this country to know the truth, because it is the truth that will set her free! If this country will turn from its wicked ways and be humble about it the Lord will forgive and heal our land. These are strong words but that is what this country and its people need. We need strong preaching and people that know how to touch God. It is only the praying Christians of this land that is holding back God's judgments and His wrath.


We are having the name of Jesus taken from our schools, court houses, and government buildings and all for one reason. This country wants to be politically correct and not Biblically correct. There is a way that seems right to man but in the end it leads to destruction. What would our forefathers, who lived by and governed this great nation on God's Holy Word, say about our governing body today? They would have tears in their eyes as I do over how this country is just going down the tube and turning their back on God. It is a Bible fact, More God More Prosperity, Less God Less Prosperity. I could say and write more about the sins of our nation but it would only be wasted space. I know and you know, if you are a true Christian the problems of this nation and so does God.


What we need is a revival. A revival that start with you and me down on our knees praying for those who truly love the Lord that they would revive their self and call for revival. It can only start with true born again believers. It will never start in Washington or the white house. It might have started in Washington when our founding fathers were there but our leaders now are a lost cause! LOST IN SIN! Let the revival start in your church and my church this Sunday. It is time to call out and shout: "WHO IS ON THE LORDS SIDE?" Let not your heart be troubled because in the end my brother and sister we will win!

Let me finish this article with The Great Physician's prescription for the cure of the spiritual sickness of our country, [1] this country and its people must humble their selves and admit their sins, [2] Seek God's face and His forgiveness, [3] Get rid of all sinful behavior that has caused this nation to go backwards from God's way. If we as a nation will do this God will hear from heaven and heal our land and restore our country and replace what the canker worm has taken away. His word tells us that and He cannot lie for His word tells us so.

Bill Patchett February 19, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Story From The Book: The Bible is the greatest book in the World. It is the all time best seller. So we must conclude from that, that the Bible is a sacred and valued book. The Book that is believed in by most people of this world. The Bible is a well round Book covering all the areas of life. It is a guide that our Pastors, Evangelist, and Exhorters use to bring forth their sermons for us to hear and heed. It is our book that guides us on how we live our daily lives. Following the words and teaching from The Bible will produce a person with a solid footing in this life and will prepare him for the hereafter where we will give an account for our life on this earth. The Book is rich in history from how our world was made by our sovereign God, in the very beginning of time, to the prophecies which are still being fulfilled in the world today. What a wonder book to live our lives by. The Bible is true, accurate, and is the very word of our God. It is the perfect book

I have to ask this question: "Are we living by the whole Book or a part of that Book? I'm afraid for the most part the biggest majority of the church world is not living by the whole Book. When we are a Christian we cannot pick and choice what we want to read or what we have preached to us on Sunday Mornings by the pastor. We must have a well rounded gospel preached to use just the same as we should eat a well rounded meal. When we eat a well rounded and prepared meal we get what we need for our physical body to grow and be healthy. It is the same way with our spiritual being. We must have a well rounded Gospel set before us to get what we need to become a healthy and strong Christian. What the preacher prepares for us on Sunday Mornings is critical to our well being just as much as that well prepared meal at home after Church. Just as we have different meals when we sit down to the table we should be feed by our church leaders different sermons on different subjects.

I'm afraid that is not happening in most of our churches today. What do I mean by this? I mean we need to hear the entire Gospel. We need not only to hear what heaven is and the joy of forever being there and of the promises of God concerning heaven but we need to hear in no uncertain terms what HELL is. We need to be told what happens to a person when they go there. We need to hear both sides of the story so we can: "CHOSE THIS DAY WHO WE WILL SERVE". If we didn't need to hear both sides of the story it would not be in the Book. We need to be told what we are being saved from. Do we hear this in most churches today?

What we have today in a lot of churches are preachers who will only preach love, heaven, pay your tithes so you can get rich or ten steps to a better life in this world. As Christians we are to know and hear the word concerning love of God, because God is a loving Savior. He loved us so much that He sent his Son to die on the cross to save us from our sins. What is sin? That is where most churches fall short. They never finish with the whole of the Book.

We need today ministers of fire who will tell the church what sin is in no uncertain terms as well as God's deep love for us. We use to have those preachers in the brush arbors, camp meetings, and revivals of the past. Theses preachers preached under the anointing of The Holy Ghost and preached against sin with love, just as Jesus, Peter, Paul, and Old Testament prophets did. They never preached sin in hate but rather they preached it in love to the sinner. If the Word of God is to be effective the whole Gospel must be told. When conviction for un- confessed sin cannot be felt by the Christian in the House of The Lord then that Christian and Church is in trouble.

Another question for the reader: How many people are healed and delivered from bondage in the church you are attending? How many people are saved? Do they know what they are being saved from? In years past, in every church service, in most Churches there were people saved, healed of their sickness, and delivered from the slavery of being in bondage. They were set free. Now most churches are half hearted to their approach to these things. The churches that use to pray for the deliverance of its members now send them to a psychologist for help. The proper and scriptural thing to do is call for the elders of the church! Now in most churches instead of confessing your sins and living for Christ the new word is: "making a commitment", in other words the person will try to do better. I just wonder is that just another way to be politically correct. He will be trying forever because when you come to Jesus and give your heart to Him this is what happens as the old song of the church teaches: "I surrender all, all to Jesus, I surrender all!" Not just a partial surrender, but surrendering all of yourself. Jesus surrendered all at the cross. He did not just make a commitment to help us, HE SURRENDERED ALL! He died on that cross for the sins of the world.

This nation may fail, you and I may fail, but the words and the prophecies in this Great Book will never fail. What the church word needs today is to hear is the pure raw Word of God straight from the Book by men of God who are not afraid to preach the truth.

Let us get back to that Old Time Religion that was good enough for our mothers, fathers, and grandparents. Let us get back to the preaching of the Cross. Let us get back to the teachings of the sufferings of Christ and what He suffered for. Let us get back to telling the world of Jesus and His love. Let us get back to calling sin what it is and stop trying to side step it or close our eyes to it. Sin is sin no matter how you look at it. What we need is a revival and that revival starts with you and me!

Bill Patchett


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Prayer is the Christian's starting place for talking to the Lord, after we have come to know Jesus as our personal Savior, and it is that starting place for our relationship with the Lord that will draw us closer to Him! To have a relationship with the Lord we must be able to talk and commune with Him. Touching Jesus in prayer is one of the greatest blessings for the Christian. I have touched His throne so many times with prayer and my Lord has never let me down! He has always answered me. Not always as I asked but sometimes in a different way which in the end was the best way. Jesus is a way maker. We must put our trust in Him and He will do always do the right thing that is best for us. Not only should we trust Him we should also be persistence in our prayers. We have to have a Holy determination with a purpose in mind. That purpose is to touch the throne of Grace with our petition and have the faith to know God will hear and answer our prayer. What a blessing as a Christian to be able to take our burdens, heartaches, and our troubles to the Lord and leave them there. Through prayer and knowing Jesus we can have peace in the mist of the storm. There will be peace in the valley for you my friend. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to go to our God in prayer. We as Christians have a royal telephone straight to heaven and to the very throne of God.

I love it so much when I pray and my prayers are heard and I come into the very presence of the Lord, when the glory comes down. I might not see him, but I can feel his almighty presence. It is a wonderful feeling to feel the very presence of the Lord. It is a feeling that I cannot and is beyond describing, but I long for over and over again. Earnest prayer can put a person in that very place. Just think how it will be in heaven and to be in His presence. We will be able to talk to him face to face. It will be joy unspeakable. Do not ever forget the gift of prayer.

Bill Patchett

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Great Physician

Whether is it easier to say to the sick of the palsy, Thy sins be forgiven thee; or to say, Arise, and take up thy bed, and walk?
As I was riding down the road a few days ago I was listening to a preacher over the radio. He was not a local preacher but he seemed sincere and you could tell that his love for the Lord was real, but as I listen to him he seemed very confused on the subject of healing. He was telling the radio audience that even though salvation was for today deliverance from demons and healing was not. I'm sorry to say that I do not agree with him and I find him in error concerning this. There are a lot of sincere born again Christians that do not believe in healing for today. Everybody reading this article might not agree with me when I say that he and a lot of Christians are in error but let me continue with my thoughts, my feelings, and observations about the subject. First off I believe the Bible when it says: "Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever!" If Christ healed people and raised them from the dead when He was on earth, if Peter and Paul could pray for someone and they would be delivered then why is it not the same today as this preacher and some proclaim? My God is able and He will deliver the sick and the ones that are in bondage. I do not just believe in just some of the promises of God, but I believe in all of the promises.
I'm not only backing up what I believe by what the word of God says, but I have firsthand knowledge about the subject. In my life time I have saw people healed and set free by the wonderful power of God and it was no make believe thing that was staged to get people to come to church, it was real. The power came down. Yes there are counterfeits, like there is with anything, but if you are a true Christian you will not be deceived! Let me give you just a few examples of Our God at work in my life time. I was a witness to the following demonstrations of God's healing power and for ever more I will testify of it for his glory. Let The Redeemed Say So!
It was in the very early 1960's when I was going to a very small church called Taylor's Woods. I was around fifteen years of age. On one Sunday my grandfather was in church and he started to have a massive heart attack. He was turning blue in the face and gasping for air and there was no guessing what was happening. My Grandfather was just about gone when Brother Jack Baynard, who was the pastor at that time, left the pulpit and went back to the pew where my grandfather was and prayed for him to be healed in Jesus' Name and right away the color came back into his face and he started to breath normal. Within a matter of seconds he went from being almost dead to very much alive. I witnessed this and it was for real and you could feel the presence of God in that church! Let me say this, silver and gold Brother Baynard did not have much, but such as he did have he gave. What he gave that day cannot be bought for a price. The price was already paid on Calvary by our Savior. My grandfather lived for many a year after that.
In the mid 1960's I was very sick with a very painful ear infection and it just about had the best of me. I could not stand much more of it. I asked my father to pray for me because I knew what the Lord did for my grandfather. I had been going to church long enough to see many healings and the power of God. I also knew that my dad was close to the Lord. He was and still is the kind of man that prays and reads his Bible constantly. My dad came to my bedside and prayed for me. Well let me say this: Something happen and now I know He touched me and made me whole! I no longer had that pain and the next day I was like new. If my Jesus will do it for me He will do it for you. Put your trust as I did in the man from Galilee1 I no longer just witnessed people being healed, I was now in that group of people that could say "by His strips I was Healed!"
In the late 1960 my family and some friends of ours were at a small church one night to hear my father preach. After the preaching was over there was a alter call and people got in line to be prayed for. This one young girl around sixteen who I knew all my life was in the line and as she got closer to my father she started to foam at the mouth and then she started to talk in a man's voice. I did not know what to think. By the time that she got up to my dad she was trying to claw and scratch him but for some reason she could not claw him nor get anywhere near him and that reason was because dad was covered by the blood of the lamb. He had and still does have a close walk with the Lord. He reached out his hand and rebuked that demon that was in this girl and she fell to the floor rolling and foaming at the mouth. After she got up, which was quite a while later, she was in her right mind and free of that demon. She was a young lady that would not fake. Oh my friends yes there is power in that wonderful name of Jesus. I feel His presence so strong as I testify of these healings.
In the mid 1980's I was in a church service at my father's church where he is the pastor and we were having a evangelist speak that night. The evangelist was my brother. I was having real bad pains in my chest to the point that I was just about ready to get up and leave. That is how bad the pain was. I never told a soul, not even my wife. I was not making any kind of faces to let anyone know of my pain. At that time the evangelist walked up the middle of the church going to the pulpit and after he passed the row I was seated in he turn around and pointed at me. He then said in the name of Jesus Christ that pain in your chest is gone and it was gone just that quick. Now that was the Holy Ghost in action. He not only showed the evangelist my condition, but the power was also there to heal me. I can never thank God enough for the times that he has healed and delivered me. So once again I can testify: By His Strips I was Healed! Just a closer walk with my Master is all I want.
In the late 1980's or early 1990's my church went to a revival in a small town called Laurel, Delaware to hear a evangelist, who was a full blooded Indian preacher from somewhere in the south. His name was Richard Hall. After the preaching the preacher called out a man whose wife went to our church and told him that he had a hearing problem. This was so. The man did have a hearing problem but no one there knew of it except of our local church. Brother Hall did not know him. He was not wearing a hearing aid so the only way the evangelist could have known about the hearing problem is if the Lord revealed to him the problem. The evangelist prayed for this man and he was instantly healed and heard out of that ear till he went to be with the Lord years later. I witnessed this and it will forever be with me. Where the Spirit of The Lord is there is liberty!
I could tell of more healings that I witnessed but I think that I have gave you enough for you to see that Jesus is still in the healing business and He will heal you, because my Lord is no respecter of persons and what he has done for others he will do for you. Just have that faith as a grain of mustard seed and then let faith arise in your soul. It was never Our Lord's purpose and goal for us to live with diseases, sickness, and infirmities. They are the result of Satan and the wickedness and transgressions of man. Every time there is a healing from the Lord some of Satan's work is destroyed. In plain words there is both sin and sickness which comes from the devil or healing and forgiveness that comes from God Just as if we had sin in our life if we repent God will forgive us and it is the same way with sickness. God will heal us.
The controversy over the question of: "Is healing still for today" still is deeply debated and most often denied in our churches today. This is a shame. Most churches believe in salvation and being saved but not healing. They believe that healing is an untrue belief, a myth, or a misleading notion. Here is a thought for you to think about. When Jesus was on the earth He healed and saved many a person. The healings were accepted in most part by the church of that day, but not the forgiveness of sin. The church is just the opposite today. They believe in salvation for the soul but not physical healing. What happened to change all this? Is it because God does not love man today as He did in Bible times? Is it because that He made no conditions or ways for healing in today's world? Is it because the atonement has failed us in today's world? Is it because the promises of God are untrue? Heaven forbid no! "By His strips we are healed" Is it because prayer to our Lord is not the same as it ever was? Is it because God loves us less today? Is it because the Bible is not accurate? Think about all these questions that I have just put to you.
Here are my thoughts about the questions that I just asked. Most of the churches have changed. Notice that I said most of the churches. There are still some who stand on all the word of God. We still have some Peter and Paul's left that still uphold all the atonement and all the promises of God. Most churches refuse to carry on the gospel program that was started by Christ and promised to all believers down through the ages. We must have churches that will preach a healing message so that faith can rise in your soul. We must be believers' and not unbelievers of the word.
I want to give you this illustration. I'm an electrician by trade. I can wire a house for electric so you can have the things that you need in today's world. Things like the microwave, lights, hot water, air conditioning, TV, dishwasher, and many other modern conveniences, but if the electric company does not hook up to my electric wiring and make the connection, if you deny them the right to give you the power, when you throw the switch nothing will work. You will have nothing. Everything is there but the power. If you have the power from the electric company then everything will work when it is needed. That is the same way in the most of our churches today. Everything is in place but the power. We have a power outage in most of our churches! There is an outward appearance and a form of Godliness, but they deny and reject the power and authority from on high. It is the same thing as sitting in your house with all the conveniences named above but no power to operate them. It looks like you have everything, but you don't. Personally I want everything that God has for me. Just as I want the power to work in my house when it is needed, I want to go to a church where the power of God is manifested and is very clearly at work as it should be! It makes no difference if it is three members or three hundred members as long as Christ my Lord is there!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Turning the Other Cheek


But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil, but who so ever shall smite thee on thy right cheek turn to him the other also {Matthew 5:39}: As I read this verse of scripture I saw it in a completely different light than ever before.This verse shows us the humiliation of being a Christian. This does not mean that we are to be a punching bag for anyone who wants to push us around.That word also means being humble. Later on in Jesus' ministry When He was struck in the garden, before His crucifixion, He did not turn the other cheek, but He rebuked the one who hit him. He could have called a legion of angels, but He did not.That is so hard for many a Christian to understand and for some it is their down fall. What Jesus taught on the mount, that day, was not a sermon on doing your duty, even though we must, but it was a message of doing what is not our duty. Jesus said if we are His disciples we will always do these things. What things? We are to go that second mile and we are to turn that other cheek. In other words we are not to return evil for evil.

 I have decided that I will never look for the right in other people anymore because most of the time if they are not a Christian it is not there and in some so called Christians it is not there also. This one thing we know: "By their fruits ye shall know them" We are never to look for justice because most of the time justice is never there, but we are to never cease to live it to the best of our ability. We live in a evil world and we as Christians must never forget that. The world hates the true born again Christian and always will.

 Only Jesus can give us the kind of love that lets us forgive and the closer we are to Him the more of that love we will have. I have had people to tell the most vicious lies on me, steal from me, use me for their advantage and do me harm if they could but, of a truth my friend, I would give them the last bit of money that I have, feed them, give them a warm place to sleep and above all pray for their salvation. All that because the love of my Savior abides in my heart. These might be hard words for some but it is the truth. That is God's way and it is the only way!