Thursday, February 26, 2009

What Part of Thou Shall Not Do People Not Understand?

imageFor centuries this wonderful country of ours has followed the Ten Commandments and it has brought us God’s Protection and His grace. We see these Ten Commandments in our Court rooms, schools, and in our government buildings but now some people would have us to be separate from them. What we as a country really need is to return to them and live by them. There was a reason that God give the commandments to us. They were not just suggestions or something that we could go by if we wanted to. These commandments were not just a general idea for us to go by. When God said thou shall not He was saying do not do it. Most of the criminal and moral laws in this country can be traced back to these the “THOU SHALL NOTs” of God’s Word. But yet this country now has a attitude that “I shall do what I want”
THOU SHALL HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME    It is a shame when some Christian people today put other things first, before God, like their new house, new car, or job. Any time we put something else before God and that thing is more important to us than the Lord we are worshipping something else and not Him. We are to personally put Him first in our life before anything else. there is nothing wrong with having these things but God must come first in your life. Some people worship the blessing instead of the one who blesses us. We are to love God with all our heart and soul.  How do we do that? The lord wants and expects our praises. He expects our worship. When we love God we will serve him and keep his commandments. Not just some of them but all of them. What is so hard to understand about that?
YOU SHALL NOT TAKE THE NAME OF THE LORD YOUR GOD IN VAIN  Taking the Lord’s name in vain pertains to all blasphemy, all swearing, all perjury and in fact all irreverent use of God’s name. This is a everyday thing anymore with most people using the Lord’s name in vain. To them it is just like saying anything else.
REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY AND KEEP IT HOLY   We are to take that day as a day of rest. We as Christians take Sunday now as that day of rest. This is for a day of rest, to worship God, and to have fellowship with our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Most Americans take more than just Sunday off and still do not rest or give thanks to the Lord by attending church. Years ago in this country Sunday was truly a day of rest. There was nothing done that did not have to be done. It was a day to rest and count your blessings and to be thankful.
HONOUR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER. when children honor their father and mother they will also honor God and god said He would bless them with long life. In today, society most kids do not have any respect for their parents or will most of them obey their parents. Parents must start at a early age to train their children to have respect for them and a devotion for God. This training must start and be maintained in the home through out the growth of the child. When a child respects his or her parents they will also respect other people because it all begins in the home as the parent trains up our child in they way they should go. If you want your child to be respectful in school to the teachers and to his or her class mates then start the child off right at home. If you want respect and honor from your child then start them off right in a Christian home living by what the Bible Teaches.
YOU SHALL NOT KILL  To kill someone and spill their blood is a very serious sin against the Lord and a crime against our fellow man. According to Romans 13:4 and other scriptures in the Bible it is the duty to put to death a person for a capital crime such as killing (murder) of his fellowman. Each year the murder rate grows in this country to a new and higher level. This goes against God’s word and there will be a payday.
YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY   When a man and women are married they become one flesh and honor should be placed on that marriage. That marriage is truly dearer than life and to break that marriage by committing adultery was once a serious crime, but now with most people it is no worse than telling a little white lie. the act of adultery is still a very serious crime to God and if it is not repented of a person will pay at the judgment seat of Christ. Keep that vow to your wife or your husband.
YOU SHALL NOT STEAL  Very simply a person is not to take what does not belong to him. That is very simply put but it should not need no more explaining. Just think of how much crime in this country would stop by just following this one simple command. Thou shall not steal.

YOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS  When a person lies and does not tell the truth about his fellow man in a court of law we have a false witness and if a person in a crowd of people talk about someone and try to belittle him or tell untruths about him they are bearing false witness against that person. When we rise up against someone with lies and false truths we are bearing false witness. How many people are in jail today because of a false witness and how many people’s reputation is ruined because of slander and a false report. When you mislead people against someone you are a false witness and are breaking this great commandment.

YOU SHALL NOT COVET     God knows our most inward thoughts and that inward thought is what leads to all kinds of motives and actions that are committed by a person. When we covet we desire wrongly or without due regard for the rights of others. God hates this sin because it is the foundation for many other sins. I saw, I coveted, I took, is the way it goes and will lead to destruction. When we covet it will only bring heartache in the end. Covet seems like just a small thing but what big things it can bring about.

 I have not named or commented on all the commandments of the Lord. But can you imagine if people would just keep the ones that I have expounded on above and live by them how the crime rate would drop in this country. We must however keep all the Lord’s commandments so things will be well for us and our country. If the majority of people would only give their life to Christ, repent and live by these commandments and others the Lord would heal our land and bless this nation once again. God laid down the right way for us in his commandments. These commandments are not suggestions but commands. What better way is there for us but to trust and obey.

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