Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Story From The Book: The Bible is the greatest book in the World. It is the all time best seller. So we must conclude from that, that the Bible is a sacred and valued book. The Book that is believed in by most people of this world. The Bible is a well round Book covering all the areas of life. It is a guide that our Pastors, Evangelist, and Exhorters use to bring forth their sermons for us to hear and heed. It is our book that guides us on how we live our daily lives. Following the words and teaching from The Bible will produce a person with a solid footing in this life and will prepare him for the hereafter where we will give an account for our life on this earth. The Book is rich in history from how our world was made by our sovereign God, in the very beginning of time, to the prophecies which are still being fulfilled in the world today. What a wonder book to live our lives by. The Bible is true, accurate, and is the very word of our God. It is the perfect book

I have to ask this question: "Are we living by the whole Book or a part of that Book? I'm afraid for the most part the biggest majority of the church world is not living by the whole Book. When we are a Christian we cannot pick and choice what we want to read or what we have preached to us on Sunday Mornings by the pastor. We must have a well rounded gospel preached to use just the same as we should eat a well rounded meal. When we eat a well rounded and prepared meal we get what we need for our physical body to grow and be healthy. It is the same way with our spiritual being. We must have a well rounded Gospel set before us to get what we need to become a healthy and strong Christian. What the preacher prepares for us on Sunday Mornings is critical to our well being just as much as that well prepared meal at home after Church. Just as we have different meals when we sit down to the table we should be feed by our church leaders different sermons on different subjects.

I'm afraid that is not happening in most of our churches today. What do I mean by this? I mean we need to hear the entire Gospel. We need not only to hear what heaven is and the joy of forever being there and of the promises of God concerning heaven but we need to hear in no uncertain terms what HELL is. We need to be told what happens to a person when they go there. We need to hear both sides of the story so we can: "CHOSE THIS DAY WHO WE WILL SERVE". If we didn't need to hear both sides of the story it would not be in the Book. We need to be told what we are being saved from. Do we hear this in most churches today?

What we have today in a lot of churches are preachers who will only preach love, heaven, pay your tithes so you can get rich or ten steps to a better life in this world. As Christians we are to know and hear the word concerning love of God, because God is a loving Savior. He loved us so much that He sent his Son to die on the cross to save us from our sins. What is sin? That is where most churches fall short. They never finish with the whole of the Book.

We need today ministers of fire who will tell the church what sin is in no uncertain terms as well as God's deep love for us. We use to have those preachers in the brush arbors, camp meetings, and revivals of the past. Theses preachers preached under the anointing of The Holy Ghost and preached against sin with love, just as Jesus, Peter, Paul, and Old Testament prophets did. They never preached sin in hate but rather they preached it in love to the sinner. If the Word of God is to be effective the whole Gospel must be told. When conviction for un- confessed sin cannot be felt by the Christian in the House of The Lord then that Christian and Church is in trouble.

Another question for the reader: How many people are healed and delivered from bondage in the church you are attending? How many people are saved? Do they know what they are being saved from? In years past, in every church service, in most Churches there were people saved, healed of their sickness, and delivered from the slavery of being in bondage. They were set free. Now most churches are half hearted to their approach to these things. The churches that use to pray for the deliverance of its members now send them to a psychologist for help. The proper and scriptural thing to do is call for the elders of the church! Now in most churches instead of confessing your sins and living for Christ the new word is: "making a commitment", in other words the person will try to do better. I just wonder is that just another way to be politically correct. He will be trying forever because when you come to Jesus and give your heart to Him this is what happens as the old song of the church teaches: "I surrender all, all to Jesus, I surrender all!" Not just a partial surrender, but surrendering all of yourself. Jesus surrendered all at the cross. He did not just make a commitment to help us, HE SURRENDERED ALL! He died on that cross for the sins of the world.

This nation may fail, you and I may fail, but the words and the prophecies in this Great Book will never fail. What the church word needs today is to hear is the pure raw Word of God straight from the Book by men of God who are not afraid to preach the truth.

Let us get back to that Old Time Religion that was good enough for our mothers, fathers, and grandparents. Let us get back to the preaching of the Cross. Let us get back to the teachings of the sufferings of Christ and what He suffered for. Let us get back to telling the world of Jesus and His love. Let us get back to calling sin what it is and stop trying to side step it or close our eyes to it. Sin is sin no matter how you look at it. What we need is a revival and that revival starts with you and me!

Bill Patchett


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