Monday, February 23, 2009

SOME PEOPLE JUST HATE CHRISTIANS: You can always tell when you are writing the right articles because you will have a lot of pros and cons about the article. I gladly will print both the pros and cons, because I do not say that I'm always right and it is good for other views to be heard, but I will not print comments that blaspheme God or put down people who live by God's standards, nor will I print comments that trash this country. As most of you know this writer also has a conservative web page and recently a couple of articles on that page have mentioned God's name and I received the most vicious hate mails that one could imagine and I do not mean just a couple. After thinking about the articles I come to realize that it was not the article they hate, because nothing was ever said about the main theme of the article, but it was Christ and if they hate Christ then they will hate His followers also. Of a truth I was never so hurt and shocked at some of the comments that were so vulgar that I do not dare show them on the web page. I have been writing articles for over four months now and I have been awaken and realized that I have been asleep to two plain facts that, as a Christian, were always there but I never realized.

The biggest part of this world hates Christ and will do and say anything to degrade and put down Christ and the Christian religion. They will write and say what they want and just do not care. They will do whatever it takes to get their views across. They are united in their thinking and their hate for Christ and the Christian. So where does the Christian fit into all of this and what are they saying? Sad to say it is not much. Why is that? The biggest reason is they are too busy fighting each other, mostly over doctrine issues that will always be issues. I'm glad that I have never come against any brother or sister for their beliefs. If they are a blood bought child of God then I'm for them! If they are saved by the precious blood of Jesus then they are my brother and sister. You may be Baptist, Nazarene, Wesleyan, Pentecostal, Fundamental, Independent, Four Square, Church of God, Assembly of God, or any other denomination but as long as you are washed in the blood of the lamb I count you as a brother or sister.

It is time for all God's children to come together and realize that we are fighting an enemy that wants to destroy us for our beliefs, take away our way of life, and our love for Christ. We need to stop spending the most of our time fighting each other and fight the enemy of our souls. We must fight the Good fight and be over comers if we ever expect to get anywhere for the Lord. That is my thought for today.

Bill Patchett February 23,2009


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