Thursday, July 12, 2018

AMERICA - A Time Of Reckoning

Yet ye have forsaken me, and served other gods: wherefore I will deliver you no more (Judges 10:13)

I have really been thinking about our country a lot lately and how this once beautiful land filled with God's Blessings has turned her back on Him and on just about everything that is right and good. This reminds me of Israel in Biblical days and how she turned her back on God. We all know what happened to Israel for turning her back on God. Will America be any different? No! The effects of all the sins past and present in this country are mounting up and all America will feel the effects. This country is about to be called to account for the sins and trespasses committed by the government and her people. We must not forget the church and her failure to cry out against the sin and lift up a standard against it.

Most people in this country cannot decern right from wrong. They think good is bad and bad is good. In America, it is good to promote homosexuals, to allow them to become members of our churches and in some cases stand behind the pulpit as a church leader. It is against the law to cry out against it because it is a hate crime to do so. Most churches remain silent and because of this the Holy Spirit has left the church and you see no one healed or set free from their sins. It is sad when there are megachurches with thousands attending and all they hear is a motivational speaker and go home the same way they came. LOST AND UNDONE WITHOUT GOD OR HIS SON!

To take God's beautiful rainbow that He has given us as a promise and use it to promote sin is blasphemy against God and His Word. The Government tells the people that transgenders, crossdressers, homosexuals, lesbians, and the like of such are just another lifestyle.  This is even taught in our public schools. It is no longer Adam and Eve, but now it is Adam and Steve when the Bible clearly tells us God made them male and female. What do we want to be "politically correct or "Biblically correct"?

The killing of unborn babies in their mother's womb (better known as Abortion)  in this country has destroyed millions of unborn babies during the last decades. It started out first the killing of the unborn babies had to be done in the first few weeks of pregnancy but now it is done in many cases when the baby is full term and ready to be born. We are bombarded on TV with people wanting laws to stop the killing of animals and laws passed to protect them which is all fine and good. The question is where are the people's priorities? The aborting of a baby is called a choice, the women's right. The question is what about the rights of the unborn baby. Did anyone stop to think how many Billy Grahams, Billy Sundays, Bert Clendennens, George Washington, Abe Lincolns and the list goes on that have been aborted.

America, just like Israel was in The Bible days, Has been warned over and over and over, yet does not regard or heed the warnings and will eventually be paid the price of sin and losing God’s protecting hand. This country can look for a severe judgment coming very soon because, like Israel, we have been warned, yet we continue to go downhill to the broad road that leads to and invites destruction.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Nicolaitans Of Today

But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate. [Revelation 2:6]
Jesus did not hate the people in the Scriptures we read about who He called Nicolaitans, but He certainly hated what they were practicing and teaching — which was a doctrine of compromise in the Church. If you are strong in your Christian faith you know that there can be no bargains or agreements with what the Word of God puts forth.
The sad thing is this movement is growing by leaps and bounds not only across America but across the whole world. We must all realize that the end of this age is coming rapidly to a close and when Jesus comes to rapture His own there are going to be a lot of people who are not going back with Him even though they can and will give Him a list a mile long of all the things they have done.  His words will be, “I know you not”  We must all stand strong in our faith and not compromise.
Everyone that says Lord, Lord will not enter into the kingdom of God. A person can go to church and never miss a Sunday, never miss paying tithes and offerings, and do many other things that may look good, but without obedience to God and His Word, it means nothing.
In America today we have Nicolations who profess Christ but yet do not do the things they know are right. For instance when a Christian  knows that the Abortion (Murder) of millions of unborn babies is wrong but will still be a member of a political party that promotes it that my friend is called compromise, That same political party promotes homosexuals, crossdressers, transgenders, and for the most part does not want God a part of their platform. Not long ago we had a president who promoted all these things and even lite up the white house with rainbow colors. He made fun of certain passages in the Bible, but yet many churches supported him and his agenda. Even today they support that platform (doctrine) These people must repent and return to God.
We must live a holy and separated life from this world. We might have to live in it but we do not have to be a part of it. The church does not need to be part of it. We must be found faithful and a soldier in God’s army. We must preach, teach, be instant in season and out of season to do the Lord’s work.
Today in most churches the members just hear a motivational speech from the pulpit. this style is so widespread in the Church that the doctrine and principles of the Christian faith are largely not known by most churchgoers, especially by those who are younger, because it is never preached or taught to them.  The core Bible doctrines such as the virgin birth, the sinlessness of Christ, sin, salvation, holiness, the crucifixion and eternal judgment are often unknown, inadequately taught, or considered optional. Where modern Nicolaitanism prevails, sound doctrine is replaced with social action, social justice, and an attempt to appeal to mass audiences by making people feel better about themselves. Thus, the true doctrinal teaching of the Bible is diminished, replaced by different versions of a watered-down, “politically correct” instruction instead of a Biblical correct doctrine. We now have over two dozen new translations of the Bible that have changed the Word of God, its meaning or else left out part of the scripture altogether.
As for the old time religion it was and still is the only religion for me and my house. When I go to church I want to hear the pure raw word of God preached.  False teachers will arise and have already risen up that will lure many people into a compromise with the world.  The Nicolaitan spirit is in our churches today and we must fight against it.