Monday, April 14, 2014

MY PASSION – Writing For The Lord

clip_image002In Palms 119 the person who wrote this Psalm talks about an affliction. What the affliction was I do not know. We all have or have had afflictions in our life. Mine was not from sinning but straying from what God wanted me to do in my life. This caused many of things in my life, divorce, financial loss, heath problems, as well as other things. All this because I served my own interest and did what I wanted to do. Without actually sinning I strayed from God and His perfect will for me. It is sort of like sowing and reaping.

When a person gets to this point in their life they must realize they have two choices, two ways to go. A person can either continue doing what we want to do, which we can see real fast is not working or you can do as I did take stock in what is wrong and then fix it. I choose to fix my problem.

We might not sin, we can go to church every time the door is open, but we can still be taking the wrong path. For years and I mean years I knew that there was a calling on my life and I would not listen I preferred the other road because I felt that no one would listen to me because of being divorced. I once taught Sunday school, taught Bible study, and I loved it. I was doing the Lord’s work but after divorce some Christians look at you a different way. They see you in a different light. And that light can be devastating.

Paul wrote many letters to the church (The Epistles’’) and they had (and still do) a great effect on man’s life today. He had a thorn in the flesh, an affliction, but he still kept writing, expressing himself and sharing God’s love to a lost world of sinners. He was a great man of God. There are all sorts of afflictions in this world. They can be hardships, suffering, pain, misfortune, burdens, difficulties, and many other things. We can allow those afflictions to either break us or to lift us up. The choice is ours to make. If we let it our afflictions can bring us closer to God. My prayer is; Draw me nearer to thee oh Lord.

Since I have stopped teaching Sunday school and Bible study I decided to start a blog and write for the Lord. Writing for me is a way to express and show my love for God and to share with others the road that I walk with the Lord. It can be a lonesome road at times when there are no comments to my post just like they are ignored. I just have to realize that I’m doing what I can for the Lord and it is His will that counts.

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