Tuesday, April 8, 2014

He Touched Me!

After the events of the past week there is no doubt in my mind who holds my future in the palms of His hand. I say that because truly this week God has had me in the palm of his hand. I went to the hospital for a breathing treatment (I have Asthma) and was not there but a few minutes when I had a heart attack and coded three times (Died three times in a row) and was brought back. When I awoke from my sleep the doctor was standing over me and said welcome back. The doctor said it was a miracle that you are here with us because you have coded three times. The doctor said it right, it was a miracle. A miracle that I was in the right place at the right time and with the right people, but behind all this was the fact that the Lord I serve was in the room with me and he also guided me to the hospital. He guided the doctors and nurses as they tried to keep me alive.

While I was at the hospital one of my many visitors was a man who was filled with the Holy Ghost and I could feel his presents as he entered the room and as he prayed for me I felt a healing touch go through my body and I instantly felt better and they let me go home the next day. I’m not saying that the nurses and doctors did not help because if I said that I would be lying. What I am saying is this. The Lord sent this man and when he prayed for me the Lord touched me and did a work in my body. Praise be to His wonderful name! I feel wonderful in my body.

For some time now (many years) I have felt like the devil and his demons has done everything in their power to come against me. My children, grand children, my dad, and other members of my family he has attacked because he knows they are close to my heart. I have faced financial loss, been through more than one divorce, and just about everything else the devil could through up against me. As I was in the hospital they took my dad to the hospital with heart failure, but my dear friends I want you know the anchor holds! I once new a black pastor who was in a nursing home and I would see him walking down the hall and when I asked him how he was doing his answer was always the same. “Brother Patchett I’m going to keep on keeping on” and by God’s grace, my friends, that is exactly what I’m going to do; KEEP ON KEEPIMG ON!


Elizabeth said...

Amen! <3

Anonymous said...

I'll keep your Dad in prayer...