Saturday, November 17, 2012

Strife Among Believers

As we read the story of Abram and Lot in the Bible we can see that they were surrounded by hostile neighbors who were not friendly, hospitable, or sympathetic, in any way, to them or their families. It would seem that in a situation like they were in, they would pull together and there would be no strife between them. This was not the case with Abram and Lot. Instead petty jealousy was tearing them and their families apart. Abram, because he was close to God, saw the strife and discord and decided to do something about it. Thank God for people that are close to Him and have a spiritual eye!

Abram had love in his heart for Lot and his family, so Abram gave first choice of which way to go to Lot. Notice how Abram turned away wrath with a soft answer, “I pray thee (please)”.  Abram, being the oldest, had the right to decide which way the both of them were going to go, but he gave that choice to his nephew, Lot. What a peace maker and man of God he was. As we read we can see that Lot’s heart was full of greed and he looked at the material things. He saw Sodom and the country where that city was located. He reasoned it would be a good place to live. His decision was a great choice from a worldly point of view. In such a place with all the good water and ground he would certainly thrive there and become prosperous.

This was all that Lot was looking for. God’s people must realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side. It will always bring heartache as it did Lot. How many Christians, today, jeopardize their souls for the prospect of worldly advantages and worldly gain? In today’s world to many Christians, churches, and denominations, often fight and bicker about small things with other Christians or other denominations, while the devil is at work all around them. Rivalries, arguments, contentions, and disagreements between God’s people can hinder God’s work. Some Christians will still strain at at a gnat and swallow a camel. These kind of things make a person self centered rather than love centered. Not only will strife hold the believer back it can open the door for other things as we can see as we read the story of Lot and his wife. It all happened with strife.

We can clearly see that Lot had choices. He selected the very best of the land, even though it meant living close to Sodom and all the evil that was in the city. This is the same problem that some Christians face today. Greed and the thought of living close to the world (Sodom) causes a lot of Christians not to focus on the true issues in todays world. The very issues of life. Lot had the paradise, the best of the green grass, much water, and happiness, such as it was, but Abram had the promise. The promise from God that something would be done for him. Lot was looking at the material things, but Abram was looking at spiritual things. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Spreading The Gospel

The purpose of Evangelism is to share and instruct in the Gospel and to witness to others about the Lord. Spreading the Gospel was one of the last commandments of our Lord before He went back to Heaven. We do not have to go all over the world spread the Gospel as some are called to do. Most people cannot afford that. All over America there is a great number of people that need to hear the Gospel. There are more people all over America, now, that know not God than ever before in the history of this country. We have almost become a godless nation. A nation without God or His Son. There are other countries around the world that now send missionaries to America to witness to a lost generation.

The church that I attend use to send hundreds of Bibles all over the world, including Russia, South America, The Middle East, Africa, and many other places in their native language but now our church put most of its resources in the spreading of the Gospel here in the United States while there is still time to do it. There is always people to see and places to go to spread the Gospel of Christ. This country did not turn its back on God over night and it will not come back to God over night.

We need rivals to spread all over this land like fire. We need anointed preachers that are not afraid to preach “What saith the Lord.” We do not need spineless preachers preaching a spineless Gospel in the churches of America!  If the preachers in this country would have preached hell fire once in a while along with the message of the cross we would have not seen the rise of so much sin in this country. The Word of God is like a two edge sword that can cut both ways. The Gospel message is not a prosperity message or one of just love or one of just sin.  It is a well rounded Gospel centered around the cross and the Lord Jesus Christ. A well rounded Gospel is needed today more than ever.

 Every Christian must recognize the sinful condition of America and remember that there is no forgiveness outside of the Grace of God. If we renew important things in our life such as, our driver’s license and wedding anniversaries, and close relationships on a regular basis, shouldn’t we also renew the most important relationship of all and that is our relationship with Jesus Christ? 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Finding Grace In The Eyes Of God

Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And the Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart. So the Lord said, “I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth, both man and beast, creeping thing and birds of the air, for I am sorry that I have made them.” But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. (Genesis 6:5-8) NKJV

Noah Found Grace In The Eyes Of The Lord
During Noah’s time on this earth God had him build the ark for his safely and the safety of his family. Why? Because God was getting ready to withdraw his mercy from the earth, because the cup of evil was full to the rim and running over. The earth was filled with violence and corruption. Men would not believe God. Still the world in that day rejoiced in its pleasures and sins all the while the ark was growing larger as a witness to the coming judgement of our Lord. The people refused to believe in God. Perhaps the people thought of Noah as a narrow minded bigot or religious nut, because he would not give into the pleasures of sin with the rest of the people. Noah was a party of one. He believed and obeyed God. The flood came and destroyed everybody except Noah and the ones who went into the ark with him. Whoever was not shut in the ark, by the Lord, was shut out.
It was too late for those people just like it will soon be too late for the unsaved people of today, “they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut. Afterwards came also the other virgins saying. Lord, Lord, open to us” But it was too late. Today people reject God’s word just as bad as they did in Noah’s time. The violence and sin was really bad at Noah’s time but what is it now? What will it be? Soon and very soon the anti-christ will come on the scene and reveal his self. The news media no sooner report one act of violence, when they are on the scene reporting another act of violence.  Peace will soon be taken from this world. God’s grace has been extended to the world for thousands of years and people could not live in this world without it. How much longer will God’s mercy and grace last no one knows, but it will soon stop and be no more.
God by His grace and mercy has brought America through many conflicts, world wars and dangers. We have a group of people who wants to destroy us and they have killed many and are still plotting and killing, but most of the American people still turn their back on God and refuse the truth of His word. They refuse to have any part of God’s love or His salvation plan. They are lost without God or His Son. There is going to be a lot of sorrow when people realize that Jesus has come for His own and they are left behind. People need to face the facts that they are living in God’s last hour of Mercy.
America is seen by the rest of the world as a Christian nation, but that is hardly the case. The truth is America is far from being a Christian nation. There are so few Christians in this nation anymore. But the few Christians that are left in this country can exert such a great influence on our Lord. If only ten people were found in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha those cities would have been spared. The leaders of this country want the people to believe that a well informed democracy is the way to solve all the problems of this country. America’s leaders will tell you democracy is the foundation this country was founded on and it is what made this country great. This is far from the truth for two reasons. This country is not a democracy. It is a Republic that is governed by a rule of law. The foundation this country was founded on was, and still is, Jesus Christ. Now that foundation is eroding from our republic and sin is becoming more and more prominent. Are you one of the ones anchored in Jesus. Who, today, will find find grace in the eyes of the Lord. Lord count me worthy to go back with you when you come.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Falling Away Of America

 Now that the presidential election is now behind us and we are faced with another four years of Barrack Obama we are hearing all kinds of reasons why he was re-elected. We wonder why a known liar who has been the president for the last four years can be re-elected. People offer up all kinds of reasons and excuses for this but there is only one reason why. For decades the American people have turn their back on God more and more. There is a order in which this happened. It did not just happen over night. Many people did not like Richard Nixon because of Watergate, but he made a statement once that was true then and is still true today. Nixon said the family unit is what makes or breaks America. This is a statement that I agree with 100 %. The conduct and the behavior of the family unit filters down and made our society what it was then and is now.. Lets look at the facts which we cannot deny.
THE EARLY 1960's AND BEFORE: America was a Christian nation with families that attended church together, prayed together, had meals together around the dinning room table, parents taught their children right from wrong and kids were taught at a early age the value of work, faith, and what made this country strong. There was Bibles in the houses of most Americans and they were used. When most of us grew up we were taught respect for our elders and the public in general. Everyone in that family unit had a togetherness and a thankfulness for what the Lord provided. The roots were strong and the children in this generation became strong leaders for what was right. When families came together with the same purpose in mind they made a strong America. The schools were a place were kids could go and be safe. A place were they could become educated for the adult stages of their life. Here also they were taught the basic concepts of being a Conservative Christian. By this I mean every morning the school day was started with prayer, Bible reading, and pledge allegiance to the flag. They were taught in their studies what made this country great. They were taught about the founding fathers and the principals they handed down to us. There was no doubt in the students mind that America was a nation founded on God and His laws. These students had a sense of right and wrong. The hallways was a safe place as well as the school grounds. Because of all the correct teaching and love in the home and in our schools the students turned into a productive society and the process that was point out in the above comments should have started over again with their children. People looked out for each other and the church cared for the people in need. People worked for what they received. What the churches could not do the government had a well administered welfare program that took care of the basic needs for people until they could get back of their feet. Homosexual and Lesbian life styles were not recognized as legitimate life style and people did not come out in the open with this unnatural life style. Even though Gays were around they never “Came out of the closet” because of the shame.
The Year 1963: Prayer and Bible reading was ended in public school by the supreme court. The Bible and prayer was no longer allowed in our public school school system. The Year 1964 The federal government under the leadership of president Lyndon Johnson and the Democrat party decided that they wanted to make a great society. A different society than what was put forth by our founding fathers. Laws was past and put into place, paid for by the hard working tax payer. These new laws included government housing, food stamps, money allotted for other things such as to pay electric bills, telephone bills, doctor bills, and in some cases even cable TV Bills. Johnson and the democrat party made away for people to get on different programs mentioned above, but in all their planning they never made away for people to get off these programs. So at least two generations which are on these government programs do not know other way, Thus becoming the new family unit. This new family unit expect everything to be given to them by the government. As the 1960's move forward the family unit begins to come apart. The parents now send their kids to church instead of going with them. Family time becomes involved more and more with doing what each one wants to do, instead of doing things as a family. The Year 1973 The killing of unborn babies, called abortion, was made legal by the supreme court in a decision called Roe verses Wade. That decision has shape the political climate in this country ever since.
The Years 1975 thru Present: The federal government recognizes homosexuals as a excepted life style and gives them special rights. Homosexuals get married in our churches and preach behind the pulpit at the sacred desk. Babies are now being killed in the last month of pregnancy and in some cases as they are being born. The Great Society becomes the society of takers and expects the government to supply them with everything. The democrat party does not want God as a part of the political platform. The president calls the constitution outdated and also puts forth the idea all of the Bible is not for today. Same sex marriage is allowed in a lot of states. People who call their self Christians vote for a man that goes against God's laws. Drugs, violence, and police officers are now apart of the public school system. And there are a lot more things that could be named.
The blame for the American downfall stems from the family unit. When a child grows up he only knows what he is taught in the home and in school. The family as a unit left and forsook God over the years little by little. The seeds of right and wrong, that was planted in our children's heads are gone now and our nation, as we can see everyday, has turn into a depraved people and nothing is sacred anymore. America has become like Sodom,Gomorrah, and Nineveh. Every imagination of the human heart is okay with people. What will America's out come be? Will the nation repent and call on God like Nineveh or will she face destruction for her sins like Sodom and Gomorrah? The time clock is running out for America.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thoughts About The Election


With much thought about the election I talked to several people today for their input, most of them are disheartened with the election results on Tuesday, others, had a “who care attitude”. Most Christians people that I talked to did not see the nation as choosing Biblical values with the continuation of the present Obama administration, and are deeply concerned about the direction America is heading. They are right in their thinking and have a right to be disheartened. I was just as upset as anybody else and perhaps even a little mad to think that our deceiver president got re-elected. I was even more upset with the people who re-elected him.
I even found my self asking God how it could have happened. But then I realized that the Scriptures found in God's Word do not hold out for any kind of a political hope for our country or for the world either. Jesus is the only hope! The political vision and the views of the president and other leaders will become more and more consolidated and drawn together by the evil powers to be. Things will  become much worse as our leader has a free hand in what he wants, which will in my opinion moves this country toward a system ruled by the anti-christ as we read in Revelation Chapter 13. We must remember it is not democrat against republican, liberal against conservative, or one race against another. It is good verses evil. Some people may not want to hear that, but it is the truth. Bible prophecy is getting ready to come to past.
Since our Lord gave us the great commission we are told to direct our attention at individuals. He said to go make disciples of all the nations, we should continue to focus on the individual lives which we can help to save before it is to late. Do not think that we are losing the battle because evil will still going to be in the White House. It was evil that voted him into the White House the first time and it was evil that voted him in the second time. I'm beginning to think these things must be, to fulfill scripture. The gates of Hell will not prevail against the Christian and what we do for Christ. His kingdom will most certainly come, as thousands and thousands have pray for. I read this story in an email I received and I believe it would be a good story to tell to make a point.
A young man once went to the beach. There, he saw miles and miles of starfish washed up on the sand. “If these starfish stay out here during the heat of the day,” he thought, “they'll die.” So he began picking up one starfish at a time as he walked, and threw them one by one back into the ocean. An elderly man also walking along the shore approached him and said, “Do you mind if I ask young man, what are you doing?” “I'm throwing these poor starfish back into the ocean so they don't die in the hot sun,” the youth replied. “But what difference can you really make,” said the old man, “Look at this beach -- there are thousands, maybe millions, of starfish here!” The young man smiled as he threw yet another starfish into the sea. “Well -- it made a difference to that one!”
The Word of God says. It is faithfulness in the little things that the Lord rewards. Every person on this earth is precious and valuable to God. It is just a waste of time to cry over the political scene in Washington because we can do nothing about it. But it is not a waste of time to address the spiritual, emotional, or physical needs of the ones who suffer and need help. We need to keep being faithful in the small things and God will do the rest. He will do what He wants to this country. We can never stop the sins of our leaders and the people who voted for them by ourselves. It is time for every true Christian to put on the whole Amour of God. It is not the leaders in Washington that we are doing battle with. It is who controls them. It is with Satan himself that we do battle with.

AMERICA - Has Left Her First Love

When America was first founded by men of faith there was a great love for our creator. When they first stepped on shore of this new land the first thing they did was to give thanks to the Lord. The Lord was recognized by these men as the great provider and the savior of their soul. He was the great “I AM”. Down through the years since the birth of this country the needs and the protection of the people was provided by the Lord. America was prosperous and she became strong and the people trusted in God as our currency so declares : "IN GOD WE TRUST" The people believed God and stood by His laws and statues. America was a Godly nation. God was found in our court rooms, in our schools, in our government buildings, and in most everything the people did God was there. Nothing of any importance was done without God being recognized for His kindness and grace. He was in all and was all.

Then slowly and steadily the evil one creep in and America slowly turned her back on God and His laws and statues. What was once evil in the eyes of the American people is no longer evil. The killing of millions of unborn babies was once a crime and against the law in the land, but now it is called pro- choice. In the past being a homosexual was regarded as sin, but now it is called “gay rights”. God have been removed from all our public buildings and public places. He is no longer wanted in the platform of one of our political parties and in some of our churches it is “God damn America” instead of “God bless America”. Our leader speaks of getting even and promotes ungodly acts and laws. God has been taken out of our schools and replaced by condoms, drugs, and police that guard the hallways. America has lost her first love and if she does not return and repent destruction will come. America has turned her back on God.

Years ago families went to church together, prayed together, and God was in the house holds of the people. Parents taught their children and put into practice the true and tried ways of our Lord. Now an ungodly government tries to dictate what parents can and cannot teach their kids. Ungodly things are being taught and practiced against the wishes of Godly parents, because now there is a generation that knows not God and sin abounds in this country. America will never rebound to her greatness or to her former glory unless her people repent and return to their first works and their love of God.

People think that we are in serious trouble now. Gas prices are high, people going hungry, loosing their homes, no jobs, crime and terrorism are getting worse everyday. We have leaders that scoff at God and His word. Our president said the some of the Bible is out of date and not for today. National day of prayer by him was canceled, crosses are coming off churches and they are now being called campuses.

As for this writer, I am a Christian and I will not call no one my president or leader that goes against God's laws, nor will I condone any law or action that is against my God or His word. I will follow an elected leader as long as he follows Christ and His teachings. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. God bless my fellow Americans, God bless America, and Even so come Lord Jesus!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You Are Accountable To God

Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, For wisdom and might are His. And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise And knowledge to those who have understanding. He reveals deep and secret things; He knows what is in the darkness,And light dwells with Him. (Daniel 2: 20-22) NKJV

Today will most likely be one of the most important days of our lifetime, as the American people go to the polls and decide the future of this country, The United States Of America. Your vote, my vote, and the vote of our fellow countrymen will decide the course of this great nation. It will determine the course of the country. This is a very important election, so let us make sure we know the issues and let us also be sure we know what we're voting for. Let me give you a example of what I'm saying. I read the following paragraph from another blog.

In 1938, Kenneth Simmons, a democratic mayor, wanted to prove a point. So he hauled a mule, that he named Boston Curtis, down to the courthouse, and placed its hoof print on all the documents necessary to run for political office. Although Boston Curtis never ran a political campaign, the citizens of Milton, Washington voted for Boston Curtis – not realizing that they had actually voted for a MULE! Kenneth Simmons wanted to demonstrate that voters often do not who they support or for that matter their agenda." I would say he proved his point.

As Americans we have to make decisions today that will affect the world for decades and most likely beyond that. So when you go into the voting booth do not vote for a man for the free handouts, or the color of his skin, or what party he is a part of, vote for what is right in God's eyes. If you claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ then when you look at the issues you will see there is only one way to vote. This election is for sure one of voting for evil or voting for good.

But no matter how this election turns out we should never lose sight of the fact that the Lord still sets on the throne and He sets up leaders and He removes leaders according to His perfect will and purpose; so whatever the outcome of today's contest, let's be sure that the King of all Kings still sits on the throne and in the end it will be his will and none but His. The outcome of this election will not hinder His divine will. So when you vote today vote with a God given confidence, vote for what is right, and let your Righteous King do the rest.

Friday, November 2, 2012

THE ELECTION – Facing The Facts

The November Elections will soon be here and most likely with a big voter turn out, because of the many issues facing this country. We hear many people raising their voices about so many issues facing our country. I’m wondering where has all the Christian voices gone. The ones that claim to follow Jesus Christs. Where is that strong voices of yesterday that stood up for moral issues in this country.
One of the big problems we face is the economy and it is a major issue with a lot of American voters, but it is not the biggest problem we face. The problem at the top of the list we face in America is the absolute and total decline of moral values that are found in the Bible. It is time for Christians to speak out and make our vote count in this upcoming election. Let’s cry aloud with our voices. That vote should be based upon what God has said in His Word. If this country, that we all love so dearly, would straighten the sin problem out, then God would straighten out all the other problems facing this nation.
If the Word of God calls something sin then it it is sin and we cannot paint it no other way. To condone sin we are going against God. Same sex marriage is wrong and hard as a person tries they cannot redefine marriage at the ballot box. Same-sex marriage is wrong. It is sin! It does not take any intelligent person long to figure that out. Everyone should be given their individual rights, but marriage is between one man and one women. Not because the government, or me, or anybody else says so but because God says so. The government mandated health, called Obamacare that provides for abortion, is wrong. Not because I say so, but because God says so. It is wrong and we all know it but it is allowed to continue. Nothing will ever change in this country until this nation gets back to the true laws that has made this country great. I’m speaking about God’s laws.
As important as the economy is, no jobs, high gas prices, the cost of food going out of sight, it is no where or even close in comparison to the deeper issues facing this country. I’m speaking about our morality and of the Biblical values this country has held so dear for centuries. You can build the greatest looking house, but if it is not built on the right foundation, it will, in the end, collapse. You can have the greatest understanding of economics, but if you have no moral foundation all the greatest plans put forth mean and are nothing.
It is time for the real sleeping giant, the Christian Church to wake out of its slumber, shake itself, and cry out about the really important issue facing this nation. “MORALITY”. A person can not sleep with the enemy and come out not changed. You will change, but Satan never will. He is not only the enemy of your soul, but the number one enemy and concern of this nation. The economy, security, and other things are issues and concerns of all the people, but the game changer will be when this nation returns to God, on their knees and repents for the sins of this nation. 

The Truth And The Consequences

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14) KJV.

Since I have been old enough to know what is going on in our government I know that there is truth and there is consequence in the actions and decisions of their decisions. I have seen how decisions by politicians and their appointees can have devastating effects upon our country’s moral character. In my life time I’ve seen the truth of what our government can do and the consequences of their decisions. The truth is in June 1963 the Supreme Court removed God from all parts of government. The schools, court rooms, and government buildings.

The Consequence of this was Prayer, Bible reading, religious Christmas carols, Bibles on the teachers desk, and anything to do with Christ was removed from from the classrooms of our schools and replaced by police officers in the halls to prevent crime, condoms, and sex education that teaches homosexuality is okay, just another life style. School have now become a liberal institution for our kids to be indoctrinated with lies, non truths, and propaganda that goes against God's laws.

The Ten Commandments, along with the Bible, was removed from our courts and because of this the morality of America has suffers so much. America is coming very close to becoming a atheist country. It is only because of a few praying people that God has held back his wrath on this country. The truth is, in 1973 The Supreme Court legalizes abortion and the Consequences of that action was 54,000,000 unborn babies were murdered and the slaughter still goes on. What would have happen if there was legal abortion when Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King was in the womb? What a great price this country will pay for this legalized crime.

The truth is on June 2012 the Supreme Court imposed a tax (OBAMACARE) through judicial legislation and the Result of that was higher taxes on the American citizen by a branch of government having the least accountability or is answerable to the voters and could care less what most of the people thought or think. After knowing the majority of the people was against the new tax they still upheld it. Where is the voice of the people?

Of the nine justices who sit on the Supreme Court, Obama has appointed, and the Senate confirmed two liberal justices. The remaining seven justices of the Supreme Court are as follows, four are in their mid-70s or older. When a justice is confirmed, they sit on the bench for the rest of their life. The scary thing is this, if Obama gets re-elected and there is still a democrat majority in the senate it will most likely change the integrity of the Obama court (Which is what he wants) and liberalize the Supreme Court for the next generation. The integrity of that court will not be what most Americans will want. And if you are a conservative or a christian you know what that means. We must really pray for our country and the upcoming election.

We need to get down on our knees and seriously pray (touch the throne of God) for our children and grand- children that they will not be living in a socialistic and atheist society where the government, or even worse, a want to be dictator oversees, dictates and tells the people what they can or cannot do. The vote that people cast, November 6, will decide the very future of our kids and grand kids. Let us all hope and pray the future of our country will not continue the slippery slide toward communism and moral destruction.