Wednesday, November 7, 2012

AMERICA - Has Left Her First Love

When America was first founded by men of faith there was a great love for our creator. When they first stepped on shore of this new land the first thing they did was to give thanks to the Lord. The Lord was recognized by these men as the great provider and the savior of their soul. He was the great “I AM”. Down through the years since the birth of this country the needs and the protection of the people was provided by the Lord. America was prosperous and she became strong and the people trusted in God as our currency so declares : "IN GOD WE TRUST" The people believed God and stood by His laws and statues. America was a Godly nation. God was found in our court rooms, in our schools, in our government buildings, and in most everything the people did God was there. Nothing of any importance was done without God being recognized for His kindness and grace. He was in all and was all.

Then slowly and steadily the evil one creep in and America slowly turned her back on God and His laws and statues. What was once evil in the eyes of the American people is no longer evil. The killing of millions of unborn babies was once a crime and against the law in the land, but now it is called pro- choice. In the past being a homosexual was regarded as sin, but now it is called “gay rights”. God have been removed from all our public buildings and public places. He is no longer wanted in the platform of one of our political parties and in some of our churches it is “God damn America” instead of “God bless America”. Our leader speaks of getting even and promotes ungodly acts and laws. God has been taken out of our schools and replaced by condoms, drugs, and police that guard the hallways. America has lost her first love and if she does not return and repent destruction will come. America has turned her back on God.

Years ago families went to church together, prayed together, and God was in the house holds of the people. Parents taught their children and put into practice the true and tried ways of our Lord. Now an ungodly government tries to dictate what parents can and cannot teach their kids. Ungodly things are being taught and practiced against the wishes of Godly parents, because now there is a generation that knows not God and sin abounds in this country. America will never rebound to her greatness or to her former glory unless her people repent and return to their first works and their love of God.

People think that we are in serious trouble now. Gas prices are high, people going hungry, loosing their homes, no jobs, crime and terrorism are getting worse everyday. We have leaders that scoff at God and His word. Our president said the some of the Bible is out of date and not for today. National day of prayer by him was canceled, crosses are coming off churches and they are now being called campuses.

As for this writer, I am a Christian and I will not call no one my president or leader that goes against God's laws, nor will I condone any law or action that is against my God or His word. I will follow an elected leader as long as he follows Christ and His teachings. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. God bless my fellow Americans, God bless America, and Even so come Lord Jesus!

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