Friday, November 2, 2012

THE ELECTION – Facing The Facts

The November Elections will soon be here and most likely with a big voter turn out, because of the many issues facing this country. We hear many people raising their voices about so many issues facing our country. I’m wondering where has all the Christian voices gone. The ones that claim to follow Jesus Christs. Where is that strong voices of yesterday that stood up for moral issues in this country.
One of the big problems we face is the economy and it is a major issue with a lot of American voters, but it is not the biggest problem we face. The problem at the top of the list we face in America is the absolute and total decline of moral values that are found in the Bible. It is time for Christians to speak out and make our vote count in this upcoming election. Let’s cry aloud with our voices. That vote should be based upon what God has said in His Word. If this country, that we all love so dearly, would straighten the sin problem out, then God would straighten out all the other problems facing this nation.
If the Word of God calls something sin then it it is sin and we cannot paint it no other way. To condone sin we are going against God. Same sex marriage is wrong and hard as a person tries they cannot redefine marriage at the ballot box. Same-sex marriage is wrong. It is sin! It does not take any intelligent person long to figure that out. Everyone should be given their individual rights, but marriage is between one man and one women. Not because the government, or me, or anybody else says so but because God says so. The government mandated health, called Obamacare that provides for abortion, is wrong. Not because I say so, but because God says so. It is wrong and we all know it but it is allowed to continue. Nothing will ever change in this country until this nation gets back to the true laws that has made this country great. I’m speaking about God’s laws.
As important as the economy is, no jobs, high gas prices, the cost of food going out of sight, it is no where or even close in comparison to the deeper issues facing this country. I’m speaking about our morality and of the Biblical values this country has held so dear for centuries. You can build the greatest looking house, but if it is not built on the right foundation, it will, in the end, collapse. You can have the greatest understanding of economics, but if you have no moral foundation all the greatest plans put forth mean and are nothing.
It is time for the real sleeping giant, the Christian Church to wake out of its slumber, shake itself, and cry out about the really important issue facing this nation. “MORALITY”. A person can not sleep with the enemy and come out not changed. You will change, but Satan never will. He is not only the enemy of your soul, but the number one enemy and concern of this nation. The economy, security, and other things are issues and concerns of all the people, but the game changer will be when this nation returns to God, on their knees and repents for the sins of this nation.