Saturday, November 17, 2012

Strife Among Believers

As we read the story of Abram and Lot in the Bible we can see that they were surrounded by hostile neighbors who were not friendly, hospitable, or sympathetic, in any way, to them or their families. It would seem that in a situation like they were in, they would pull together and there would be no strife between them. This was not the case with Abram and Lot. Instead petty jealousy was tearing them and their families apart. Abram, because he was close to God, saw the strife and discord and decided to do something about it. Thank God for people that are close to Him and have a spiritual eye!

Abram had love in his heart for Lot and his family, so Abram gave first choice of which way to go to Lot. Notice how Abram turned away wrath with a soft answer, “I pray thee (please)”.  Abram, being the oldest, had the right to decide which way the both of them were going to go, but he gave that choice to his nephew, Lot. What a peace maker and man of God he was. As we read we can see that Lot’s heart was full of greed and he looked at the material things. He saw Sodom and the country where that city was located. He reasoned it would be a good place to live. His decision was a great choice from a worldly point of view. In such a place with all the good water and ground he would certainly thrive there and become prosperous.

This was all that Lot was looking for. God’s people must realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side. It will always bring heartache as it did Lot. How many Christians, today, jeopardize their souls for the prospect of worldly advantages and worldly gain? In today’s world to many Christians, churches, and denominations, often fight and bicker about small things with other Christians or other denominations, while the devil is at work all around them. Rivalries, arguments, contentions, and disagreements between God’s people can hinder God’s work. Some Christians will still strain at at a gnat and swallow a camel. These kind of things make a person self centered rather than love centered. Not only will strife hold the believer back it can open the door for other things as we can see as we read the story of Lot and his wife. It all happened with strife.

We can clearly see that Lot had choices. He selected the very best of the land, even though it meant living close to Sodom and all the evil that was in the city. This is the same problem that some Christians face today. Greed and the thought of living close to the world (Sodom) causes a lot of Christians not to focus on the true issues in todays world. The very issues of life. Lot had the paradise, the best of the green grass, much water, and happiness, such as it was, but Abram had the promise. The promise from God that something would be done for him. Lot was looking at the material things, but Abram was looking at spiritual things. 

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Tim Shey said...

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