Friday, February 20, 2009

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, >and will heal their land. Did you ever stop to think about this verse of scripture and try to apply it to today's world? There is a lot to think about when you read that verse.

This country is in the position that it is in today because of sin. Day after day in this country sin abounds more and more. We see it every day in our lives as it grow worse and worse. This country and its people need to really humble their selves and show the respect that is due our God. How can any country or people respect our God when they are living in sin? What this country needs is to be humble and repentant. What must we do to repent and what are this country's evil ways?

If you are a true servant of God then you do not have to ask that question. We have had millions upon millions of unborn babies murdered in this country for many a year. This country calls it abortion. Did you know how Encarta Dictionary defines the word abortion in one of its definitions? It is defined this way: "It is an offensive term for something so badly done or made that it is a complete failure." How sad that a country could do and say this when we are made in the very image of God and so are those dear unborn babies. God knows and remembers each and every one of those aborted {I call it murder} babies. The blood of these unborn babies will be required of this nation and its government on judgment day. This country that was once a great Christian country has degraded itself and turned its back on God for which there will come a reckoning day.


In this country we have men and women who demanded their rights as homosexuals and this great country of ours has given them their rights. We have Adam marrying Steve and Eve marrying Linda. Anybody with a lick of sense knows that goes against nature and God's ordain will for man. We know what happen to Sodom, but apparently this country does not care. Is that same thing in store for this country? Yes it is if America does not turn from its wicked ways and seek the face of our Lord we are doomed. I'm not a gloom and doom person, but the truth is the truth. It is better for this country to know the truth, because it is the truth that will set her free! If this country will turn from its wicked ways and be humble about it the Lord will forgive and heal our land. These are strong words but that is what this country and its people need. We need strong preaching and people that know how to touch God. It is only the praying Christians of this land that is holding back God's judgments and His wrath.


We are having the name of Jesus taken from our schools, court houses, and government buildings and all for one reason. This country wants to be politically correct and not Biblically correct. There is a way that seems right to man but in the end it leads to destruction. What would our forefathers, who lived by and governed this great nation on God's Holy Word, say about our governing body today? They would have tears in their eyes as I do over how this country is just going down the tube and turning their back on God. It is a Bible fact, More God More Prosperity, Less God Less Prosperity. I could say and write more about the sins of our nation but it would only be wasted space. I know and you know, if you are a true Christian the problems of this nation and so does God.


What we need is a revival. A revival that start with you and me down on our knees praying for those who truly love the Lord that they would revive their self and call for revival. It can only start with true born again believers. It will never start in Washington or the white house. It might have started in Washington when our founding fathers were there but our leaders now are a lost cause! LOST IN SIN! Let the revival start in your church and my church this Sunday. It is time to call out and shout: "WHO IS ON THE LORDS SIDE?" Let not your heart be troubled because in the end my brother and sister we will win!

Let me finish this article with The Great Physician's prescription for the cure of the spiritual sickness of our country, [1] this country and its people must humble their selves and admit their sins, [2] Seek God's face and His forgiveness, [3] Get rid of all sinful behavior that has caused this nation to go backwards from God's way. If we as a nation will do this God will hear from heaven and heal our land and restore our country and replace what the canker worm has taken away. His word tells us that and He cannot lie for His word tells us so.

Bill Patchett February 19, 2009

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