Tuesday, January 31, 2012

AMERICA: The Nation That Needs To Repent

No matter if we are talking about a person or a nation, forgiveness always follows repentance, regretting what has happened, showing sorrow and remorse for things that we as a nation and also personally have done that was not right.  True repentance means turning away from the sins that so easily beset and over whelm us, from thoughts and acts that are wrong and are displeasing to God. For our Nation to survive we must turn toward a life that reflects the Godly ways of our Lord Jesus Christ. We must have leaders in Washington and behind the pulpits of our churches that will call sin just what it is, ‘SIN’. As people of this nation we must condemn the murder of unborn babies, the pass that is given to homosexuals and their open life style. It is not a different life style as our leaders would have us to believe. It is sin. Any nation that condones this is in its last stages of moral corruption.

God has reminded His people of this relationship between forgiveness and repentance by giving his promise to heal their land as a condition. God will do nothing for a country, as a whole that will not condemn the killing of unborn babies or the lewd act of homosexuals.  We must realize that God is a Holy God and He cannot, and never will, bless sin or evil. He will not reward that type of behavior.  It just will not happen.  If He did that He would be violating His very nature. It is time for the people of this nation to wake up, to repent, and seek forgiveness.  It is time for us to get rid of any leader in Washington that condones these sins and elect God fearing leaders. It is time for the Nicolaitans of this country to stop promoting godless leaders because of their skin color or what they can do for them. I do not care what color the color of your skin is, if you are a called out people you will obey His words and His voice. If you are a Christian you will do what the word of God says. You will obey His voice.

 If we, as a nation, want the Lord’s blessings and protection we must, by all means pursue His ways. And this country as a whole is not doing that. We must become a Holy people, because He is Holy!  (Lev. 11:44) (1 Peter 1: 15-16) Can this nation do that? We must rebuild our churches, our camp meeting sites, and those old brush arbors by the side of the road. And most important we need to build a everlasting relationship with our God.

Is the promise that God made in (2 Chr. 7:14) something that we can believe and depend on today? Yes it is! It is important for us to notice and remember that God was speaking to Israel, who had a special relationship with the Lord that no other nation ever had, but when we look at (Lev. 26 and Deut 29) we can also see that it was really a restatement of that promise. Can that statement be applied to the United States or other nations today? I think that it can.  The  same principal applies that when we as believers humble, ourselves, by praying and calling out to God, confessing our sins and the sins of our nation as a whole  God will hear us, forgive our sins, and bring healing to this nation. Yes He will!

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