Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Earth Is Filled With God's Glory!

Paul wrote that God's invisible attributes are clearly seen through His Creation, so that means everyone including you and me are with out excuse if we refuse to give glory to God. [Romans 1: 20-21] Hundreds of years before Paul the prophet, Isaiah, was told just about the same truth in his vision of God's throne room. He said "His Glory fills the whole earth". [Isaiah 6:3] God has revealed Himself to the whole world through what He has made. [Psalms 19: 1-4] The creation shows not only that we serve a real and living god, but it also shows that He exist. He is a just, righteous, and Holy God.

Some of the church world today thinks and will tell you that God is only in their church, just as the Jews in bible days said that God was confined to their land and no place else. But we see in Isaiah Chapter Six that our Lord's glory fills the whole earth.

When Isaiah saw God sitting on  His throne and heard the praises of the Heavenly creatures, he cried out in humility before God, confessing that he was a sinner, a unclean person who had no right to stand in the presence of the living God. Isaiah threw himself on the mercy of God. The joy of all this is that God cleansed Isaiah of his sins. God has not allowed everyone to see him through the same kind of vision that Isaiah was given, but everyday He reveals himself through what He has made. Let us respond the same way that Isaiah did, with sincere and heart felt repentance the same way Isaiah did. The kind of repentance that leads to hope and healing. Remember one day we will see our Lord face to face. What a day that will be!

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