Tuesday, August 23, 2011


All through the history of the Bible and from cover to cover we see very plainly without no mistakes that our God always used a willing vessel that He could pour Himself into. That is a fact. When we or the church are in a place that we can be used of the Lord, He will always supply the river of blessings which God promises. The Christian needs not only to talk the talk, but he needs to walk the walk and have close fellowship with the Lord. A Christian needs to be full of the power and the presence of the Almighty God. When The Holy Ghost was poured out on the Day of Pentecost it was not poured out on everybody. It was, in fact, only poured out on 120 people and The Holy Ghost went from a small flow or stream ( The 120 people ) to a great river ( thousands and thousands upon thousands of people being saved and filled with the Holy Ghost), and The Word spread like a fire. There is a river my friends and that river shall never run dry! We as Christians must regain and take back what the canker worm has taken away. You can only use what anointing that you have and right now with most Christians, in most churches there is very little anointing or power. They can no longer say, "Silver and gold have I done, but such as I have I give unto thee. In the name of Jesus rise up and walk. There is no Holy Ghost power in most churches and all kinds of false doctrines, money yes, Holy Ghost Power no.

I'm going to now make a statement that I know that some of you will not agree with, but my friend it is the truth. The Devil can teach the Bible and as a angel of light he can twist the scriptures around to his benefit. This is the reason for all the false doctrines in the church. That is the reason why we must read our Bible daily and get into a good Bible believing church that teaches the true and correct Word of God. We need to return to the foundation and the corner stone of the Pentecostal movement and that is "JESUS CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIED". It is that precious blood of Jesus which we need that He shed on Calvary's Cross for you and me. How precious is that flow that makes me white as snow. That is what the saints where about on the day of Pentecost. The 120 people, that day, were praising God and giving Him the Glory for the cross, which was for their salvation and their sanctification. They were not praising God for any other reason. They were all in unity. We cannot get three or four Christians in unity anymore , let alone the whole church. If we want to fight Satan and all his evil there must be a coming together in unity.

Those early Christians were not praying for a program where they could climb steps to reach a goal or for Him to help them get rich, because none of that will work. Our salvation and sanctification was paid at the cross and what a shame it is for preachers today to preach some other way. They are in fact are preaching another gospel and another Jesus. As long as this happens the Holy Ghost cannot work or flow like a river. As long as the carnal mind is at work in the church its members are powerless to detect, false teaching, the devil or his demons. The plain and simple fact my friend is that the church is by passing the cross and this is causing problems such as false teachers, false doctrine, and no anointing, and no power. So all we have is a weak church that the evil one, Satan, looks at and says, " Jesus I know and Paul I know, but who are you?" We need to wake up and go back to that cross and get a blood bath in that precious blood of Jesus. We need to cry out, " OH LORD SEND THE POWER DOWN! It is the Holy Ghost power that makes us over comers.

How many, that are reading this article, can remember the old time Camp Meetings and the Brush Arbors? It was at those meetings that many of us seen and can testify of how the power of the Holy Ghost came down to save, set free, heal, and baptize people. The power came down! The Lord visited His people. The biggest part of the churches, today, do not want this anymore. The Holy Ghost never stays where He is not wanted and let me say this, "The church today is grieving the Holy Ghost. It is time for the real church to stand up and pray for the Lord to send the power down now. 

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