Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Great Loss

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Solomon said, "Train." (Coach, Teach , Educate, Instruct, Guide, Prepare) He did not say Raise. We raise vegetables, but we train children. Feeding a child wholesome meals, providing warm clothing, giving them their own bedroom, and kissing them good night is not training. Most every species of animals on this earth does these things for their young. Training a child is planned instruction and discipline to form a everlasting character and wisdom in the fear of the Lord and knowledge of Scripture. That is training a child. "Two families from the state of New York were studied very carefully by J. Oswald Sanders. He wrote about them in his book called: “A Spiritual Clinic”. Below are the facts from that study.
                                                                                                                                                 Max Jukes was an not a believing man and he married a woman of the same moral fiber. Of the offspring and descendants of these two people, one thousand two hundred were studied. Three hundred and ten, of these descendants became skilled vagrants, hobos, homeless people, or beggars; four hundred forty actually wrecked their lives by wicked and depraved lifestyle; one hundred thirty were incarcerated for an average of thirteen years each, seven of them for murder. There were over one hundred  who became alcoholics; sixty became thieves over and over again; one hundred twenty became known prostitutes. Of the twenty who learned a trade, ten of them learned the trade in a state prison. It cost the state about $1,500,000 and the descendants made no contribution to society whatsoever.

About the same time the family of Jonathan Edwards as also studied. He was believer of God, who married a woman of the same character. The study should the following about Jonathan Edward's descendants: Three hundred, of them, became clergymen, missionaries, and theological professors; over one hundred became college professors; over one hundred became attorneys; thirty of them judges; sixty of them became medical doctors; sixty became authors of good quality classics; fourteen became presidents of universities. There were a lot of giants in American industry that came from this family. Three became United States congressmen and one became the vice president of the United States."

We must never forget the impact our life decisions will our self, our marriage, and on our children. In ways you will never know in this life, When we raise a family we are, in fact, building a legacy that will last for generations!
Most children (not all) of this generation are a mess. They are arrogant, haughty,  foolish, ignorant, immature, lazy, profane, rebellious, selfish, and wasteful. There is an clear and understandable cause for their personal and social dysfunction. Their parents were too busy, selfish, and lazy to train them. The consequences and cost of this are a generation of fools, which will bring about and produce more fools. Our nation's future is bleak, not only because of Washington, but because of some thoughtless parents.
If parents would train their children in Biblical ways there would be no abortion issue, a lot less children with no fathers or even knowing who they are, a lot less homosexuals parading the streets, a lot less church doors closing, and a stronger Christian nation. The sins that are running ramped across our nation would not be. We have a generation of kids that have grown up not knowing who God is and most of the Blame must be laid at the parents feet.  
We are told by some of our leaders that it takes a community to raise a child. Not so, it takes a Godly mother and father who will do their duty and train their children in the way of our Lord, show them the skills they need to be winners in this life. I’m not talking about all parents, just the biggest percentage of them. In closing remember this: IT IS THE FAMILY UNIT,  AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, THAT WILL MAKE OR BREAK THIS COUNTRY!

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