Monday, June 7, 2010

What ‘ Next?

Untitled Most people seem to think that the world is becoming or will, because of necessity become  a better place to live. Many people think that through education, diplomacy, and scientific advances, most people will live longer, better,and more peaceful lives than any who have lived on this earth before. Is this really what’s next?
Well if you are a avid Bible reader and believe in what is found between those pages you will soon learn the truth. The Lord said over two thousand years ago this: As the days of Noah where, so shall also the coming of man be. So the condition of the world will be the same as in the day of Noah. It will be filled with sin, corruption, and violence. Places where it was safe to walk at night are now the scenes of crime during the day and many things that God has always called corruption and sin are now accepted as “personal choices” and “lifestyles”. We are told by our leader that we are no longer a Christian nation. We no longer have Christ in our schools, court rooms, and public buildings. No one wants to here the truth. Most people think like this: Lets eat and drink, and be merry, because tomorrow we may die! That should never be the case.
What will be next in the Lord's schedule of events for you and me? Will you or I be among those people “Who know not God” and perish in our sins or will we be that group of people who are saved by His Grace and by His blood that was shed at Calvary so many years ago.
Here is the deciding factor, I do not claim to know everything, only what I read in that “GREAT BOOK” called the Holy Bible which to me has stood the test of time and that is this: Knowing God is not believing that He exists, it is not saying prayers, or is it going to church. It is not doing good works as many believe. Knowing God (from everything that I find) is entering into a very personal relationship with Him and believing in what He did at the Cross. All the other things I have mentioned are great, but that does not earn any credits for that heavenly trip, that one way ticket for life eternal. We are all sinners and have fell short of the mark. The crust of the matter is some have realized this and have asked for forgiveness, others could care less. We should all care what happens to us and to our love ones. We fall short of the mark a lot in a lot of ways but We must never be too proud to get on our knees and ask forgiveness from a savior that died for us.


Yuri Richardson said...


I'm in 100% agreement with you on this post. Just 5yrs ago gun murder in Bermuda (where I'm from) was almost unheard of. But just in the last 2yrs the violence has become the norm. Our police officers just a few yrs ago never carried guns. But now they are armed.

We just need to be about our Father's business and continue to (by our life, actions, prayers, and thoughtful deeds of kindness) win as many for Yahusha (Jesus) as possible while we still have time; for the night cometh when no man can work.

shalom In Messiah

Bill Patchett said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful comment