Thursday, June 10, 2010

This Changing World

Deadly diseases continue to break out all over this world. One of the most recent was the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Africa. It is a most terrible disease and the death rate from the Ebola virus is about 90%. Then there is the Aids virus with no known cure. Taking an estimated 6000 people out of this world every day. Now we hear of reports that Tuberculosis is greatly increasing as each disease speeds the spread of the other.

As the world gets further away from God, with indecent morals, and kids being raised with no moral values or discipline, these terrible diseases will continue to spiral out of control. The earth is yet to see more serious plagues that will come upon this world in the near future. The world is out of control and even in this country, that was founded under the banner of Christianity, there is corruption and violence everywhere. People call good bad and bad good. Their minds are getting more warped everyday. The life styles of this nation are causing this nation to go to hell in a hand basket. That is blunt and to the point but it is the truth.

People do not want to listen and that is really a shame because God reaches out His hand of mercy to everyone that will listen. He will take that person that is lost and put him under his wing of protection, He will freely give eternal salvation and a reason for you to live. But first we must take his invitation : “To come unto Him” and if you do that you will never have to worry what is coming in the future to this world. It is so simple, just call on Him and ask forgiveness.

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Tim Shey said...


If people put their trust in modern medicine and science without acknowledging God, this pride will lead to the downfall of a nation. Modern medicine and science have done some great things for many people, but we have to put God FIRST.