Monday, June 21, 2010

We Must Realize This

“ As It was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”   Did you ever stop and give any thought as to how it was in the days of Noah and about the people who lived on the earth at that time? Except for all the modern convinces we have today it was pretty much the same as it is today. They ate and drank, just like people do today. They had long term plans and arrangements , such as marriage and they thought that they were living a pretty normal life. They without doubt did not see the disaster that was coming.
Clearly and Without doubt Jesus did not mean that there was something essentially wrong or ungodly,  with eating, drinking, and marrying.  After all Jesus ordained these things , but He did so in their proper place.  Our lives, just like in Noah’s day, where never to consist of these things alone. They were all to be done in the framework of a right relationship with God.
If you stop and think about it that’s what is so understated and not obvious about the coming of the Lord. That day will be a spectacular day and everybody will recognize it, but as for the days leading up to it will not, because people will still be eating,  drinking, and marrying, just as they were in Noah’s day.  The difference between those who will be ready and those who are not ready will not necessarily be the behavior of their lives. Everybody will eat, drink, and marry, but those people who are ready, to meet the Lord, will see these things as shadows to come.  They will do them with a sincere longing in their heart for a more permanent fulfillment, because they know that a real life has not yet been recognized or realized.  
Most people think that if they are well fed, have an abundance of material thing, money, and are well connected, that is what life is all about. There is no greater agenda for most people. How wrong they are. These people will be so shocked at the Lord’s coming. Then  they will see how foolish they were. Just like the people in Noah’s day; “JUDGEMENT WILL COME SUDDENLY” and without any warning.  Just like Noah we must be ready and as Noah was in that ship, with his family, so we must be in that old ship of Zion.  Yes we are going to a place where there is a eternal banquet. We must look up because our redemption draws nigh.

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Tim Shey said...

When people are living in sin, they are blind to the things of God. When the Lord visits these people for sin, they won't see Him coming with judgment--it will happen all of a sudden.

It is like a thief in the night. They don't see the thief coming. They are a stranger to the thief. The Lord always comes as a thief in the night when destruction comes. Very few (if any) people knew of the coming destruction of San Francisco in 1906. One pastor had a dream about the San Francisco Earthquake the night before.

If we are friends of the Lord, He is not a stranger to us. The people who continually live in sin are strangers to the Lord--and they will not know when destruction hits them.

There are many blind people in the United States. Destruction will come suddenly to the blind (those who reject Christ).