Saturday, June 26, 2010

As Time Grows Shorter

As time grows shorter and the beginning of the Lord draws near there will be an astonishing increase in shamelessness, immorality, and rebellion against God and His Word.  We can see that every day in this country of ours. It is mind-boggling. Moral restraint and self-control has been thrown out the back door and as everyday passes it is becoming more and more an expectable life style. But we {the true believers} can see things grow worse and worse every day. Adultery, sexual perversion, pornography, ungodly music, and all types of lustful and immoral entertainment and activities can be seem right on our televisions in our living rooms all across America. it is like the Lord said: "as in the days of Noah", when the hearts and minds of the people were evil continually. That just about sums it up.

In Noah’s day the moral fiber and nature of human sin was blatantly manifested and seen in two most important ways. They were sexual lust and violent behavior. Human depravity and wickedness has not changed much since that time, but has, only, steady got worse. It still through lust and violence that evil finds unrestrained representation among us. Today a person does not have to go far to see all kinds of violence and sexual sins in our society. That is how prevalent and widespread they are. Sin is make stronger and increases in our society today because people will not stand up and call these acts what they are, “SIN”!

It will also be as: " in the days of Lot" We all know how that story goes and we all know what happen on that fateful day. But what needs to really be brought out here is not only the fact about the Sodom being destroyed because of sin we also have to make note of Lot’s wife, because there are so many professing Christian’s in the world today just like her. Lot’s wife tragic error was this: “SHE LOOKED BACK” because she placed her values and affections on the earthly society that she was entangled with. She looked back because her heart was still in Sodom. That is the way many people will be when the Lord returns and these scriptures are for a warning to believers.[1] We must keep our eyes on a “city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is God!

When homosexuality, lesbianism,[2] and all kinds of sexual perversion that has invaded our society, We were told that it is just another life style and our kids are even being taught that in some of our schools. Anybody that does not see that this is wrong goes against nature itself, they are being blinded and their minds are coming close to being seared or in easy to understand words they are becoming parched, dry as a bone, and baked. True love for Our Lord will be in short supply in the last days. This article will be disliked by many but I do not ever want to be “politically correct”, but I always want to be “Biblically correct” In the very beginning God ordained marriage and the family unit as the most important institution on the face of this earth. [3] God’s plan for marriage was one man and one woman who became “one flesh”. This means that they were united physically, spiritually, and mentally together. This does not mean, but rather excludes, adultery, homosexuality, immoral living, and yes unscriptural divorce.

To show you how much worse our society is today and how far it has got away from God, forty years ago homosexuals and lesbians hide their life style in the closet and now it is out in the open for all to see. We now have men marrying men and women marrying women and now in this country it is an excepted life style. What makes it even more horrifying is that they are getting married in the churches that profess Christ and in some of those churches they even stand behind the pulpit. What happen to the America That we grow up in?

We are told by the leader of this country that we are no longer a Christian nation, but a nation of many religions. This is so wrong. We might have many religions in this country but we are a Christian nation. The question is: “How much longer will we be a Christian nation? We are slipping fast. Morals have gone out the back door. We use to have churches on every corner, parents did not send their children to church but rather went with them, now, for the most part, parents do not even send their children to church. And we wonder what is happening to our country.

When we went to school we had prayer and Bible reading before anything else. Kids were taught at home and in school what the word abstinence means. But we were told we could not have God in school so what happened? Guns and violence have replaced God. We now have police patrolling the halls, drugs are being sold in the open, condoms are now being passed out, which as good as tells the students that open sex is okay. Teachers are being disrespected and abused to the point that some say: “Who wants to be a teacher” This is happening in our country. When we forsake God we are in big trouble. [4] We have forsaken that which was good for that which is bad.

We see in our country thousands being killed in the world trade centers, millions of illegals coming across our borders to the point it is stifling our economy, terrorist killing people in our own country, oil being spilled on the gulf of Mexico to the point that it is destroying the natural resources and jobs for millions of people. God has been taken out of our schools, court rooms, and government buildings. We have a administration that will not call terrorist what they are and one that is moving this country farther and farther away from Israel. If you are a avid Bible reader you know what the scriptures plainly about that. If you forsake Israel, God will forsake you.

Many people did not like Richard Nixon, but he did make one statement that was so true. He said that the family unit is what makes up this country. He knew that it was what was taught in the homes by Godly parents that was going to make or break this country. If we believe in what the Bible says, then we also must believe that end of time is fast approaching.

[1] Genesis 19: 17,26 Hebrews 11:10

[2] We must make this point very clear here, we are not to hate the homosexual, rather we are to hate the sin of homosexuality.

[3] Genesis 1-28

[4] Joshua 24:20 1 Chronicles 28:9

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Yuri Richardson said...

Thanks for this post. It is a sad but true summary of the condition; not only of the USA but also the world. My prayer is that we will endure unto the end and be a light for others.

Shalom In Messiah