Sunday, June 13, 2010

Are You Watching?

The Son of Man will come at an hour when you least expect him” (Matthew 24:44)
Jesus said to His disciples watch for the signs of His coming and to know when the time is near. He tells His disciples that He will come in a time when the world will least expect Him. What a mix of clarity and mystery. There will be signs and we should expect His appearing, but no one knows the day or hour He will come, except the Father in heaven. We are told there will be signs of His coming. We are told to keep watch, but then we are told we will be caught off guard. Is The Lord just optimistic about us and our ability to hear and heed His warnings?
Every generation of Christians has thought that this would be the last generation. Why is that? Because there has been wars and rumors of wars, there has been false prophets. There has always been natural disasters, that has shocked the world. Everyone of these are signs and we are told that they will increase. But to what extent they will increase and how intense we just do not know. We do know that all these things are increasing rapidly and in most cases without reason.
Many people through out the generations have tried to predict the Lord's coming, some even down to the very day and the very hour. How foolish! We must steer clear from these people because Jesus told us it could not be done. What was Jesus trying to accomplish with such teaching, yet with little surely? It makes one wonder. But if you really stop and think there is a grand plan behind it all. Jesus wants us to be ready and on guard for His coming. He has given us signs because he wants us to be ready. The fact is he wants every generation to be ready. Every believer and saved soul should be ready for the coming of our Savior, at all times, and no matter where you are at. Because of what we read in the Bible the expect-ions of all believers has been building all through the history of the church. That is just how the Lord wants it. We are to wait and watch, AND BE READY!

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JT said...

I am ready. I enjoy your blog. May God Bless You.