Saturday, June 19, 2010

There is only one light!

I am The Light of the world.” The world has always wanted to change this claim of our Lord. If we would just change just one little word in that sentence it word satisfy all the religions of the world. If only Christ had said this: “I am a light of the world” there would be only a very small amount of people that would disagree with Him. They would find Him to be more politically correct. The trouble is most people want to find a little light here and a little light there and even a little light from the Lord. For most of the people in this world, today, he is a source of light among many other lights. Our president has suggested that when he said that we are no longer a Christian nation, but a nation of many religions, in other words many lights.
People who are conscientious in supporting most of the world’s religions today have a great respect for the Lord, as long as he is a light, but soon as they are told that He is the light we are accused of not being politically correct and we are told that we are arrogant, and intolerant. It is almost like we put those words there and Jesus picked them up and started using them. The problem is: They are His words and the world needs to know that we are Biblically correct in saying this and we will never be politically correct as most want us to be. Whoever has a problem with this has a problem with Jesus not the Christian.
We must also search our souls and ask if we heed these words or are we also guilty of looking for light in some other place on different occasions. It could come in the form of philosophy, psychology, humanism, or even spiritualism. You could even go so far as to add most of the editorials and advice columns in the newspapers. Is this really seeking the Lord for His advice?
A lot of people will say there is truth in some of man’s research and findings and they would most likely be right. There might be some element of truth to their findings, even apart from Christ. But the bottom line is it must be measured by Him. Only the Lord, Himself came confirm for us what is and is not light and truth. So in the end we all must ask ourselves is Christ my only source of light. Does our view measure up to His for His is surely the light of the world. I want His light to shine on me to make me what I ought to be.

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