Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Promise

(Galatians 3:29) And if ye be Christ's,

then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs

according to the promise.

This amazing passage defines and says that all true believers in the Messiah are "Abraham's seed and heirs according to God's promise". Abraham was known as the first Hebrew – actually, "one who crosses over!" Before he crossed over into the promised land, we know from the scriptures that Abraham lived in a extremely idolatrous society {just like it is in today's world and growing worse} His own earthly father was an idol worshiper. (Joshua 24:2) But one noteworthy day, a call came to Abraham, a call from the Most High God, The Lord spoke and he "crossed over" from idolatrous polytheism into a personal knowledge of the one true God. So after leaving his past behind, he entered a new life of spiritual truth and holiness and a new land of promise; a profound transformation and change, and for us, a beautiful picture of our own "crossing over" into the new life in the Lord. He was looking for that city of light were there will be no more heart ache, no more pain, no worries, no hunger, only peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Oh what a glorious day that will be. He believed in that promise and praise God I do too!

As we look at the story of Abraham, we see that his life was not free of obstacles and troubles {just as our lives are not} once he reached his destination in Caanan? No it was not! It was not pie in the sky! Here are a few important facts about his life: he felt forced to go into Egypt to escape a famine, where his wife, Sarah, was held captive in Pharaoh's harem for an unrevealed amount of time; after being set free, Sarah continued barren until old age; then, Abraham was required by his own deep loyalty, to rescue his worldly nephew Lot and his family, risking his own life and the lives of his men; again he was tested. When taking and following Sarah's advice, Abraham conceived a son with Hagar, whom he deeply loved but was compelled to send him into the desert with his Egyptian wife who was the boy's mother. And of course, he probably faced the greatest test of faith when God asked Abraham to sacrifice the son of promise, Isaac, Sarah's only son, for whom they both had waited all their lives! What testing this man had, but in the end he still, "Believed God for the promise". I find it very interesting that we know nothing of Abraham's life trials before he crossed over into Canaan? Only after he crossed over do we read of the continuous testing and trails of faith that following one after another. This man was really tested. Testing of this great man of faith and because of those tests Abraham is considered the "father" of faith. (Romans 4:16) We are face with many problems in this world today. The loss of jobs, no money to pay our monthly bills, the price of gas sky high, less food on the table, false leaders in the government and some even behind the pulpit. Through it all we are called to bear our crosses daily, and also to respond with faith to whatever may come our way. And, praise God when we do, we also will be known as those who have "crossed over" and overcame every obstacle and trial of faith...having held firm to every great promise of God! In this day, more than ever, as we face many hardships in our personal lives and we are seeing our country go backwards because of the leadership, a leadership that does not put their faith in God. Our faith must be in the Lord!

Through many dangers, toils and snares we as God's people have already come and he has upheld us and was with us and always will be with us. In closing, let us be like Abraham and keep our eyes on the promise.

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