Monday, August 10, 2009


{Proverbs 22:3} A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.
Remember the song back in the early 1960's: "He has got the whole word in His hands"? I remember it and I use to sing it along with a lot of other kids. Never paying any attention to the meaning of the words and what I was singing. But now that very song comes back to me in my mine and I see the meaning of those words. The Lord truly has the whole world in His hands. He has got you and me in His hands.
What do you think might happen in the near future? Could we have large scale terrorist attacks, famine, not being allowed to worship our Lord and many other things. How do you think we should prepare? I was reading the comments on what John Calvin had to say about the matter. I really think that what he has to say is true words of wisdom and we all should take note of the words. "When the light of divine providence has once shone upon a godly man, he is then relieved and set free not only from the extreme anxiety and fear that were pressing him before, but from every care … Ignorance of providence is the ultimate misery; the highest blessedness lies in knowing it… It gives incredible freedom from worry about the future." It is great to be wise and prepare for the days ahead -- saving, storing, wisely investing. I have stored food, ammunition, Bibles, different things a person might need, and a outside well that you pump by hand. I think all theses are good ideas and sound thinking But I think there is a much more important preparation we often forget and it comes first! It is to make certain that we are saved and covered by the Blood of Christ, the Lord IS FIRST in our life and make sure we are trusting in Him alone, not our own strength and wisdom, not the government or a president whole makes promises that he does not keep. We need only to stand on the promises of God. So that when these trials and tribulations come upon us, (and they are coming) we will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we rest securely in His hands! BECAUSE HE DOES HAVE YOU AND ME IN HIS HANDS! I do not know about you, but I'm standing on the promises of Christ my Saviour.

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