Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Real Freedom

Have you ever stopped to think that just being there, in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ, is a real, genuine and bona fide liberty, and freedom from the bondages of sin and being controlled by things that are common to this world. It is a liberty and freedom that no one can take away. No matter where you are, in church, at home, or just driving down the road in your car, how great it is to feel the presents of the Lord. People have been released and set free from addictions, set free of horrible illnesses, diseases, infirmities, and even death, just simply and plainly by placing their hope and faith in Jesus Christ, not some great person, or church denomination, nor the government with all its programs. If you are a true born again Christian you have most likely been called a Jesus freak, a Bible toting idiot, crazy, fanatical, and a lot of other things. The most vital and important fact about being a Christian, however, is not only the many blessings we receive while here on this earth, although they are very important, but it is the very freedom and independence from eternal and everlasting darkness, the very sting and hurt of death itself. If you are saved by that precious Blood, that flowed from Calvary then you are free from that everlasting eternal darkness that all the ungodly believers will someday face. That is the darkness that will never end. Jesus overcame death and the grave for us. The cause for which He suffered was not His own, but for our sins, our transgressions, and our infirmities . No matter what comes upon this world in our life time we know that we have liberty through Jesus Christ our Lord, and just think soon and very soon we are going to see Jesus and to be in His presents forever, we will be able to sit at His feet and we will reap the benefit of being a child of God, which is everlasting life. There will be no more heart aches to bare, no more pain, and no more suffering. There just will not be no more. We will only have peace and joy. This is real liberty that you can only receive through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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