Friday, July 31, 2009

The Right Foundation

Therefore whosoever heareth these

sayings of mine, and doeth them, I

will liken him unto a wise man, which 3

built his house upon a rock.

Some unbelievers, who do not know Jesus as their savior, build beautiful mansions with their lives, others build shacks. The same thing can be said of believers, there are shacks and mansions among the believer also. As I studied this passage of scriptures and then narrowed down to this one verse something really stood out to me. Nowhere in this verse does Jesus talk about the quality of the house. He talks only about the foundation of that house. Guess what; If the foundation of that house is not good the quality of rest of that house does not matter. It will crumble and wash away. There must be the right ground work.

The world looks at many non believers who have done many wonderful and great works of kindness, how they give much money to charity, demonstrated acts of kindness, believed in many different types of religion with all their heart and came up with their constructive theories, ideals, with their own set of values and ideas. They wonder how can the Bible can say they do not have salvation apart from Christ. These people have a theory, but it is far from being what is actually right. The Lords answer to that was this: The foundation was wrong. Million dollar mansions and all the thrills that go with it are worthless and worth nothing unless they are built on solid {rock-hard} ground. On the solid rock we must stand, all other is sinking sand! That is what they must know and believe!

We as Christians must also apply this to our life also. Of course if you are a Christian you have already made the right choice, because we have chosen the right foundation. But astonishingly some Christians have a tendency to build elsewhere. We settle the foundation of Christ in our minds, but we move from that foundation as we go through our life building our lives. Whatever we build on other sites will wash away when the storms come. For many Christians very little has been added to their foundation, but a lot has been added to everything else.

There are all types of houses in this world. Large and small, gorgeous and basic, sophisticated and simple, extravagant and humble. No matter what the style is the key question is about the foundation underneath. That is a question a lot of Christians answer in an informal way. Are Jesus' words our foundation for our work, for our attitudes, for our habits, for our use of money and time, for our relationships? If they are not, we build our houses in vain. If they are then whatever we build will be solid. You can say on the solid rock I stand.

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