Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Church of Today

The world is changing so fast, even right before our eyes and yet there is one thing that will never change! The Blood that Jesus shed will never loose its power.  As the song says it will reach the highest mountain and the lowest valley. That is so true, but the problem is some Christians are putting  a damper on that precious blood which was shed for us on Calvary. The Lord paid a debt that He did not owe and a debt that we could not pay. That same blood that was shed two thousand years ago will still do the same things today that it did then. Ninety percent of the church world has gone the way of the world.  

The modern church will tell you that healing is not for today, the casting out of demons is not for today, and other things. They are just like the Pharisees and Sadducees of Bible times. They would rather make laws, church doctrines, and other things than what the true church is really for. If the church wants to win souls for Christ in the last days they must call the church to prayer and fasting. They would believe the whole Word of God instead of picking and choosing what they want to believe. There was no picking and choosing in the Bible days as to what Jesus could do. He was the great "I Am" and He will always be the great "I Am".  If he could save you then, He can save you now, if He could heal then He can do it now, if He could raise the dead then He can do it now, if demons had to go then by His power they will have to go now by that same power. The Blood of Jesus Christ has never lost its power.

The answer to that is plain to see. They have replaced Seeking the Lord, The Holy Ghost, prayer meetings, revivals, and the power of God's anointed Word with soup kitchens, chicken dinners, yard sales, fashion shows and many other things that the church was not intended for. Everything that has a dollar sign attached to it, you name it, and it is there in most churches of the living God. When a church has to sell chicken dinners, have yard sales and other things to help the finances of the church then something is wrong. Where is the faith of that congregation? I'm not saying that it is wrong to have a fellowship meal or gathering of the saints to fellowship or to feed the poor, that is scripture. But all these  money making schemes is not!  Lean on Jesus and He will supply all your needs, your personal needs, the churches needs, and the needs of all people. Put your hand in the nail scared hand of the Man from Galilee. It is not the things that I have stated that wins souls. It is the pure raw word of God preached under the anointing that brings about the victory.

Now I know that some of you might be disagreeing with me, but I am convinced that to make a church to be what it ought to be we need something else in place of those things. and that is the Holy Ghost. You have that in your church you need none of those other things. Our eyes most be focused on the true purpose of the church. That is to save souls, heal the sick, cast out demons, and do all the other works of God.
It hurts me so bad when you ride by a church and you read on the sign out front: "chicken dinners for sale" or "yard sale this Saturday" or "fashion show soon".  How is that glorifying God? What Glory does He get out of that? Once I was at a church of a large denomination for a service on a Sunday night and one of the deacons stood up behind the pulpit and told all the ways the church was making money. It seemed that it took forever. He finished his speech by saying that they were not only a church now, they were also a business. HOW SHAMEFUL!  I was there to hear THE PURE RAW WORD OF GOD! I was there to see people saved, healed, and a moving of the Holy Ghost. (Which never did happen) I was there to have my soul feed. The business of the true church is entirely different than the business of that church and that is to win souls.

Let me give you one more example. I belonged to a small denomination that was headed by a man that was filled with the Holy Ghost and had much wisdom. We had camp meetings where all the churches came together, along with a lot of other people to worship the Lord. The Lord was always there and you could just feel His presents as you walked over that Holy Ground. People were saved, healed, delivered, and baptized in the Holy Ghost. The Lord moved. you could just feel the presents of the Spirit as you walked across the camp ground. The preachers who spoke were anointed and there was something burning inside them as they spoke. There was no charge for eating in the dinning area between services, ( a very small charge for staying in a cabin and a very small charge for campers to park. God was just there. When the leader died and was replaced things changed. The doctrine began to change, the preaching started to change, and soon There was no more free meals, prices were raised for cabins and campers. WHY? the needs were no longer being supplied. The answer is the anointing was gone. They went from being a church on fire to a dead church. They had to start charging money for the once free meals, the crowds dropped off till there is no more camp meetings. This is what happens when you get off the path that God has put you on. I read the following in a local news paper this morning and I'm yet to understand it:

 LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) XXXXXXX  XXXXXX  praised the election of President Barack Obama but said at their national meeting on Wednesday that they oppose his views on abortion and other social issues. Leaders of the nation's largest Protestant denomination voted in favor of a resolution to "share our nation's pride" in Obama's historic victory. (The name of the denomination was blocked out by me) In my opinion this is sending a mixed signal to the hundreds of thousands that are in that denomination. As a Christian you do not give praises to a leader that goes against Bible principles and claims to be somebody he is not. The majority of the saints in this denomination did not vote for this man, but just look at what the leaders are saying and you wonder why the churches Of our Lord are in the shape they are in. You can not praise a man that is always quoting from the Muslim koran, but said the Bible is outdated and some of it is not for today, a man that is already going against most Christian principles and against the very word of God.

The church of all denominations must repent and get back to the foundations of their belief if they want to do anything for the Lord in these last days. It is important for all the churches to pray for this country and the world. Our time should be spent on our knees or in our private prayer place praying instead of all the things that are happening with most churches today. The only thing that can change the course of this country is the Hand of God. 

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