Monday, July 25, 2011

THE PLAGUES: and they are coming!

Then I heard a loud voice from the temple, saying to the seven angels, "Go and pour out on the earth the seven bowels of the wrath of God."  {Revelations 16:1}
Deadly diseases have always plagued the world throughout its history to some degree, but in the last twenty years we are seeing new and more deadly plagues break out in the world. One of the most recent and very deadly diseases is called Ebola and it has its origin in Africa. After a person contacts this disease, a person begins to bleed from every opening in his body and their internal organs become like mush. Death from this disease is ninety percent. Then there is another deadly disease that has come to the fore front in the past few years and it has spread so fast and more rapid than any other disease.  It is called "AIDS" . There is no known cure for Aids. According to the medical world. There are an estimated 6000 people that contact this deadly disease everyday. Let me say that again "EVERYDAY". We now have reports that are coming out of the medical world that Tuberculosis is coming back with a vengeance and is rapidly spreading.

We might ask our self why this is happening. The answer is easy.There is, for the most part, no more family structure in this country and as this country and the world get further from God, every day  with all the indecent morals and children raised with no discipline, these terrible diseases will continue to be out of control. What has been said so far in this article is frightening enough, but the world has yet to see the most serious plagues that will come on this earth in the very near future. For those of us that have been bought with a price (The precious blood of Jesus) we know what the Book of Revelation has to say about this very subject.

Revelation chapter 16 reveals to all who read it that the most awful and terrible plagues are coming to this earth during The Great Tribulation. Chapter 16 reveals seven plagues that are coming on the face of the earth that include, but not limited to, grievous scores on mankind, seas becoming as blood, with fresh water being smitten as well, scorching from the sun, {a person may think it is hot now}, darkness until men will gnaw their tongues in pain, hail stones that weigh a hundred pounds each and this list could go on, but I think that a person can get the idea here. Revelation chapter nine tells us that demon spirits will be lose on the earth to torment people. There are plagues that are here, that are causing pain, heart ache, and death, and the worst are yet to come are coming! Make no mistake about it! This is what is coming!

This world could have had God and His Blessings, but they have, for the most part turned their back on Him and His blessings. They denied His only begotten Son who died on the cross and shed His blood that we might be saved from what is coming on this world, very soon!  How much longer will people say no to our Creator?

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