Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Line In The Sand


Jesus said, “He that is not with Me, is against Me.” (Matthew 12:30).

When Jesus made the statement: “He that is not with Me, is against Me.” He drew a line in the sand and set it in cement forever more the importance the choice of loving Him and His teachings. All our life we have choices to make. What kind of automobile to drive, what kind of clothes to wear, what to watch on TV, where to live, to go here or to go there and the list could go on and on. But very soon the American people will have a greater choice to make. One that will make this country great again or turn it into “THE DARKEST HOUR” of its history.  Yes I’m talking about evil or good, right or wrong, To get to the point I’m talking about the upcoming elections. It is plain as day that the forces of good and evil are lining up to do battle.

Seldom does this writer talk about political issues and religious issues at the same time, but I would not being doing justice to the Christian faith and to the  millions of Christians that are about to take part in the upcoming elections. There is a line being drawn in the sand and choices will have to be made. Although it will be for who the America people want to guide us for the next four years, it goes way beyond that.  Many times, in the past, we have heard “America is at a cross roads”. Today, at this very hour, she is most surely at that crossroad. This year the American people will choose between the two parties (Republican or Democrat) to lead our country into the future. But there is a greater choice that will be made in this upcoming election. We must choice on that day, as we vote, who we, as Americans will serve. Will it be God or will it be Baal?  If you are a true born again Christian, who believes in the teachings found in the Holy Bible, there is but one way to vote. We must think about the word of God and how that “BOOK” stands on the issues that are facing the American people. It is our duty to vote for; “What saith God!” Not necessarily  for one party or the other party.

God’s people {The true believers} are no fence sitters. They are founded on that solid rock, “Christ Jesus” and will follow him. If we, as Christians follow the Bible and use it as a guide we can easily see how we must vote if we are to be true to our Savior. There is no half way, or sitting on the fence about His teaching and on that solid rock we must stand. All other is sinking sand. We will all give an account some day for what we did or did not do. So I ask my fellow Christians; “What are you prepared to do?” It is time to make our voices heard and be counted for His Glory. Just like the three Hebrew children we must make a stand. In their day it was making a choice to not serve a false God. They said; “…….we will not serve your Gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.” {Daniel 3:12} We, as Christians, have a choice to make in this upcoming election. That choice is is to stand up for what is right in God’s eyes. The Bible does teach us to obey, honor and pray for those in authority over us {Romans 13:1-7} {1Timothy 2:1-2} {1Peter2:13-17} But our first duty is to God. We are to obey what our Lord called the greatest commandment - "to love the one true God with all our heart, soul,mind, and strength” {Matthew 22:37-38} {Deuteronomy 6:5} If you really stop and think what these verses are saying, not only does this mean we are not to honor or worship any false Gods it also means and includes giving priority to His teachings in our lives. There must be true obedience to God and His commandments. Obedience is better than sacrifice. People think that we live in a pick and choose world where they can pick what they want to believe in and what they do not want to believe in.If you serve God You will keep all His commandments and teachings.

We have one party that promotes homosexuals, same sex marriages, Gay rights {it will be part of their platform at their convention}, the killing of unborn babies on demand, and many other ungodly things. Their leader has made statements that go against God. For example their leader {Barrack Obama} said that parts of the Bible are not for today. He has stood publicly and made fun of certain scriptures in the Bible while at other times he has quoted from other non Christian books like the Karan. He has stated that the greatest sound in the morning is the sound you hear when Muslims are called to prayer. So what is he? A Christian or a Muslim. We have, also the fact this leader is the most anti-Israeli president we have ever had in elective office. None of these things are showing much love for God and teachings. Obama and his party are popular because of all the free handouts and empty promises that are based on lies. Some even think that he is the messiah and he is called by many; “THE BLACK MESSIAH”  It is a shame that some professing Christians, after reading and knowing what the Word of God says would align their self with this man or his party. “They will believe a lie and be damned” I pray for these people that they would come back to God and His teachings! Some professing Christians will vote for him because of the color of his skin. Where will that leave them when the Books are open on judgment day?

What do we have in the other party? The majority of this party has had a “WAKENING”. Most of them have turned from their slumber and want a turning around of our nation. Not only for the economy and other things, but for the renewing of our relationship with the creator and His laws and teaching. We have a man named Mitt Romney who wants to be the leader of our nation that professes Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. He might not be a Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Pentecostal, or some other religion that you belong to, but with his mouth he has confessed Christ as the Savior of the world! He and his party are pro Israel, against the killing of unborn babies. Their platform, at their convention does not include rights for homosexuals or gay rights. If we do not vote for him it is a vote for Obama and that “DARKEST HOUR”

Jesus Christ and His teachings is not one of many ways to God as some would have you to believe, nor is he the best of several ways. He is the only way.” Christ is the way unchanging; He is the truth infallible; He is the life everlasting. The Bible is not outdated. It is still a lamp to guide us and forever our Lord’s Word is settled in Heaven. Jesus is the way that you might be saved. He is the truth that you might be sure. He is the life that you might be satisfied. He is the Living Water! It is no political party or some phony great leader that promises you the world that will satisfy your soul.

Finally I’m not telling you to vote for the Democrats or the Republicans. This is how some will take this article. I’m telling you, straight up, if you are a follower of Jesus The Christ then you must vote for what thus says the Lord. The line in the sand, which side of it are you on?

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Amen! Preach it my friend!