Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ever So Quietly

     The Persecuted Church: Did you know  there are thousands of Christian Churches in countries, all over this world today, that are denied the freedom of worship. The people in authority will arrest  believers for gathering together to worship Christ? Yes that is true. There is no freedom of religion in a lot of countries today, like we enjoy that wonderful freedom here. A freedom not many citizens take advantage of or even think about. Imagine living in a country where you, as a Christian, will answer the door at your dimly lit house and ever so quietly invite other Christians in. You then make sure no one was followed, as they come into your house. Everybody then, ever so quietly, goes down to the basement where all the windows are closed and painted over, so no intruder or uninvited guest can look inside. You and the people that are gathered together then sing gospel songs from the depths of your heart, ever so quietly.  the preacher delivers his sermon, ever so quietly. Then everybody prays,  ever so quietly. Then everybody worships the Lord,  ever so quietly. The preacher reads from an old Bible as everyone gathers around, ever so quietly. The congregation only dare to have one Bible at a time in the worship service. Then the service being ended your Christian friends go up the stairs from the basement and go out the door cautiously and ever so quietly.  This is how some of our brothers and sisters worship the Lord in other countries. What a saddening thought.  In those countries there is no piano music, no organ music, no Church bells ringing to proclaim church is about to start. In fact there are no churches except in secret meetings places such as the basement above. The buildings that once served as churches in these countries are setting empty or being used for something else.
We as Christians, who live in America, are so blessed because we still have the freedom of worship that we can call on the name of the Lord, but yet it is time for us to set watchmen over the land. More and more of our religious freedoms are taking from us as time goes by, most of the time it is Satan using the very people, who call their self Christians, that we elect to public office to make changes for us. This country was founded many years ago on Christian Principles, but every so slowly, ever so quietly the leaders in our land are taking away our Christian liberties. Liberties that just a few years ago where common placed through out the land. During the past fifty years we have seen The Ten Commandments taken from our court rooms, Bibles, Bible reading, and prayer, removed from the class room in our schools, and manger scenes are no longer allowed in Christmas displays, no more Christmas songs that tell about the birth of our Savour are allowed to be sung in school or public buildings . Preaching that homosexuality is a sin from behind the pulpit now is, or soon will be, called a hate crime. We now have thousands of unborn babies being legally murdered in this country every year and they call it "planned parenthood" or "birth control". In God's eyes it is murder.
In all their wisdom, some people,  have now elected a president who has stated that we are no longer a Christian Nation. That should send up alarm bells to all true born again Christians, no matter what their race, age, or gender are. The president elect stated that we are a nation of Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and Buddhist. The last part of the statement he made is correct. It is true there are  more and more, diverse religions in our country and they are growing bigger and stronger everyday, yielding more and more influence in our government, but the first part of the statement our president elect made is wrong. We are {still} a Christian nation. This country was founded on Christianity, in other words Christ Jesus, The Solid Rock! On That Solid Rock our country has stood, believed in, and fought for, for over two hundred years . All the other is sinking sand! This nation was founded on the Christian Principles that are found in God's Holy Word. Turning from that Solid Rock will bring total destruction to this country.
Some of you who read this article might not agree with me on what I'm about to say. Some  might think that I'm carrying this to far. If we do not watch and pray most earnestly for this nation and our Christian beliefs then we too in the very near future will be having our church services ever so quietly

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Elizabeth said...

Amen and I'm afraid it's gonna' be much sooner than anyone might think!