Monday, August 27, 2012

MERCY: God’s Last Hour

America God has shed His mercy and grace on you. The mercy and love of our God has been extended to America for over two hundred years and to all of mankind for thousands of years. There is no way the human race (we humans) could service without His mercy and divine love. We see it over and over again in the lives of the people here on this earth. How could we survive without God’s Mercy? Who knows how much longer God’s mercy will be in this sinful world. Will His grace last forever, will it stop soon,will we see a spiritual awakening from our Lord in theses last days? If you look at world conditions and what the Bible has to say about it We all know that Jesus is coming soon and He will take His people home. Even so come Lord Jesus. The question is will God’s mercy still be here for those that are left behind? By God’s mercy America has been brought through many conflicts.  People turned to God in prayer and He answered their prayers, but when it was all said and done, when the conflict was over many turned their back on our God. There will be great sorrow in the hearts and souls of many people when they realize and come to the fact that they have been left behind.images
I would not be a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and I would be guilty in my duty as a Christian {as well as many other Christians} if I did not speak out as to what  is laid on my heart by our Lord Jesus Christ. This is a time when human society is more broken up and crying for peace than ever before. There are mores killings, more terror attacks, more suicide bombings , and more wars than ever before in the history of the world. Let me speak quiet frankly and openly about this. There has been many plans for world peace put into place, one after the other but none of them has worked and never will work. A lot of people will put their trust in the United Nations, but not God. Their plans  are all hopeless because they have left out the true peace maker. They have left Christ out of the picture. The only peace that this word will ever know or have will be when the prince of peace, Jesus Christ comes back to this earth to reign. The only one peace that is in today’s world is the peace in the hearts of Jesus’ followers. That is a peace which is by human standards passes all understanding. Oh what perfect peace when you live in the shelter of His arms. What peace when you know the Savior! Do you know Him! It is happening all around us and the evidence of this reality can be observed in the attitudes and actions of people everywhere. Our Maker has been forgotten! This is not a new problem and I am not the first ones to observe this troublesome reality
With the similarity and likeness of the pass world before us, the plain clear Word of God and His teachings are are plainly revealed to us and surely show us the warnings of all the prophecies found in the Holy Bible. People will not listen or believe. They are unfolding before our eyes, even as I write this article. It is so plain anybody can understand if they wanted to. The spirit of lawlessness and anarchy is not limited to any one country in general. This lawlessness is spreading all over the world. We can see the threatening and gloomy forecast for the future. We can listen to it everyday on the television, on the radio, or see it on the internet. In the past the people always feared the Lord. The messages and prophecies of His servants caused most people to tremble and take notice . When the streets of Nineveh heard Jonah’s cry: “forty days and Nineveh will be overthrown” {Jonah 3:4} On that day there was nobody there, including the king, that treated Jonah’s message with contempt or disbelief. Boy how this world has changed! The unbelief in the people of today has never been more insolent and defiant than it is now.
One of the big troubles is this: All over the world there is a overwhelming absence of faith in God and His government. A government that would satisfy the soul of any man. People have become cold and their hearing has become dull. The are millions on this earth that are atheist or they just do not believe in anything. God is not in their thoughts, deeds, or actions at all.  These kind of signs of apostasy is foreshadowed and predicted in Bible prophecies. But people still do not believe. As this world {as we know it} approaches its end people need to realize the real cause for all the problems. What has caused all this never ending conflict and trouble? The scriptures has the answer. “The Lord has a controversy with the nations” {Jeremiah 25:31} That one scripture has explained the history of this world, past, present, future and it can and will put a great light on the future of this earth and the events that are still to take place. For people to try to think out the mystery of the past condition and the future of this world without this truth is not possible. It just can not be done. The controversy is between right and wrong. It is the sin problem. Sin has been and always will be the cause of controversy between our creator and man.
“Light is come into the world and men loved darkness rather than light” {John 3:19} As a result of all this commotions that rocks this old world today time is running out. The world is really at war with God. It is at war with his truth, His Holiness. his justice, his purpose, His law, and his people on this earth. I want to leave you with this final thought. “WE ARE LIVING IN GOD’S FINIAL and last hour of mercy. The clock is running out and time will be no more. 

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Elizabeth said...

God says My Spirit will not strive with man forever. I believe that time is fast approaching!