Sunday, December 5, 2010

Keeping Jesus in Christmas

As the Christmas season starts and people get into the full swing of buying gifts, visiting family, all the parties, and all the great dinners, the odd reality is that in many homes in this great country and in the hearts of many people Christ, who would bringing with him the gift of unconditional and lasting love, will be absent from this birthday party. What a shame to honor our Savior this way!
“ EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT!”It's the greatest news [The Good News] that America and the world has ever known. God came to Earth in the form of a little baby and grew and faced the same challenges and problems as we do. I find it incomprehensible and shocking that Jesus loves the world so much that He bore all the suffering for your sins, my sins and the sins of the world. He did that for you and me and everyone you know. Yet, the celebration and the festivities of the Lord's love has been reduced to the bright lights, the fun, the parties, and happiness of the "holidays" [politically correct term for Christmas] with hardly a reference or a comment of who it is we are celebrating and what Christmas is truly about. Such a shame.
When we as a person, a family, or a nation, refuse, reject, and resist the truly deep spiritual meaning of Christmas and at the same time grab every chance to party, open presents, and take time off from our jobs and businesses , a sad national and personal emptiness results in the end. Yes, there is beauty and joy in celebrating our love for family and friends, but human love can only go so far. It is imperfect and fleeting, and even when it seems as close to pure as possible, it still cannot fill the empty hole in our souls that is lost by not having the real true meaning of Christmas as a part of our activities and celebrations.
Because most people have successfully removed Christ from the Christmas season, many poor souls who might otherwise come to know Him through the attention He should be getting will go through just another holiday season as the proud owners of a few trinkets and novelties that will sooner or later tarnish, wear out and break, with a big bill for it all to boot. They will start the new year the same as they left the old one, looking, searching, hoping, wanting, longing for something more. Something that only Jesus can give. They missed it all! I wonder how many homes across this nation that it will be the same way.
As our society closes the door on Christ for the sake of political correctness, don't shut Him out of your home. Never be ashamed of Jesus! If you believe in the Lord then invite Him to your Christmas party this year and every year. When He knocks at your door let Him in. It will be the Greatest Christmas gift you ever got!! If you do Christmas, for you and your house, will never be the same.
Merry Christmas To All,

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