Saturday, November 27, 2010

THE COUNTERFEIT: or the big lie

Just look at the Powers, the Quality’s, and the Character of the man! Who is he?Omnipresent:He sees you when you are awake or asleep. He has to be everywhere at once to be able to deliver all the toys in one short night. Who is this man?Omnipresent:Knows if you have been good or bad the entire yearAstral Travel:Look at the Magical flight.Omnipotence:Can deliver all the toys in one night.Eternal life:According to some he is Ageless and cannot die.Character:He is Gentle, Loving, and Full of joy, Specifically to children.Appearance in particular:He has white hair and white beard.Bearer of gifts:He is a rewarder of the good and with holder to the bad or wicked.Unseen:Faith requirement.Visitations on Christmas night:Unknown though I'm not willing to check it thoroughly.Elves:Santa's what you would call angels. Ask and you shall receive:Asking for specific gifts.Cookies and Milk:Similarity’s to communion to acknowledge his existence and thankfulness for his gifts. faith requirement.North pole:Top of the earth, pure white and mysticalHearts:Lives in the hearts of childrenNames:FATHER ChristmasOccupation:Toy carpenterPlacement:Throne [ or big chair] and children are ushered to it to request gifts.Commandments:Honor your mother and father.

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