Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Submitting To The Government: or should we

There has always been a controversy over the relationship of the church and the government. How should we as Christian's and God's people react to an ungodly government such as we have today? The Lord tell us plainly in His word that we are to respect the government of the land and to obey the laws. This is true because the people need certain restraints to stop the chaos and the breaking of the laws which come from sin. However the government of any given country, including ours, is just like anything else: They are subject to God's laws and His instruction. Notice that God says the government is His servant to you {the people} for good. Now What does that mean? It is really simple, if you read and study God's word you will soon see in detail what our Lord means! When any government abandons its proper roll or function it stops being the governing body that the Lord designed. Let me make that even more plainer for those of you that are having a hard time what I'm saying. When a government puts into place a law that does not agree with God's law we are to oppose it and speak out against it because it is no longer blessed by God!
For example when our government made the killing of unborn babies {it's called abortion} even in the ninth month of pregnancy, legal we are to stand against it. When our country gives homosexuals specials rights we are to oppose it. When we have a president that says some of the Bible is not for today then we are to oppose him. Our Lord tells us plainly that His word changes not and we also read where His word is settled in Heaven. Our Lord is the same today as He was yesterday, and He will be that way for ever. When we have a president that says that some of our God given constitution needs to be changed it is time to oppose him. When we have a president {who claims to be a Christian} that has said the greatest sound is the call to Muslims for morning prayer then we as Christians need to oppose him. When we have a leader that says we are the largest Muslim nation in the world then it is time to oppose him. When a nation's wall are broken down and the enemy floods in , it is time to oppose those who will do nothing about it. When a country and its leaders wants you to be “ Politically Correct” instead of “Biblical Correct” it is time to oppose them.
How are we to oppose them. Are we to become violent? Are we to rebel against them? The answer is no. So how do we oppose them? We are to lift up our voice and cry aloud and spare not. We are to make know our feelings and thoughts known. We are to seek the Lord for His deliverance. We are to cry out day and night for deliverance. We are not to hold our peace. Brother Paul, all through the Bible, was not violent but he cried out and so did all the Old Testament prophets against leaders that did not up hold God's standards. I would not want to be any person that calls their self a Christian who votes for a man or women because of their party affiliation, their skin color, or what that man or woman promises when they know that person, who they are voting for, goes against God's Laws and His standards. What will they say when they stand before the Master and give an account of their life.
Remember this when a government requires something contrary to God's Word we are to obey God's Word and His Law. This does not mean that we are to stop praying for our leaders because we should never stop. Daniel and the Hebrew children served the leaders in the country that they were in, but they never went against God's Word or His Laws. Remember what the Lord said: “Give back to Caesar the things that are Caesars and to God The things that are God's. Remember a government is an institution ordained by the Lord for His people's benefit, but it can become twisted, evil, corrupt, and very dangerous when it gets out of its proper God given function. So let us pray for our leaders, but let us also ask our God to move on them to do what is right or remove them from their office at election time. It is time for all Christians to take a stand.

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