Monday, August 30, 2010

The Truth Hurts


What a great blessing that we can still turn on our TV and have someone like Glenn Beck to give us truths that most Americans do not know or do not want to hear! I believe that God is using him, in his position, in these last days to show America the road that they are on. He has opened up a door that is full of truth. Most of us already know what he is saying, but it needs to be said over and over again until it sinks in to the American people. We, as a nation, are on the broad road that leads to destruction and he is simply telling it like it is. Some people are calling him everything in the book, but the truth hurts them and it is cutting them to the quick! I have yet found anything that he has said that is not the truth! His basic message is this: “America must return to God” and it is the truth!

The American people have a responsibility and a duty to step out from the shadows, the gloom, and the darkness that has come over our land and to help lead in rescuing our country from the chaos and deep mess that it is in, just like Glenn Beck is doing. There is no time for a silent majority who says and does nothing. First we as a nation must realize what has got us, to the point we are at. The answer is so simple that a blind man can see it. This nation has turned its back on God. This nation may have a form of godliness but that is about it. Just a outward appearance. We are fast becoming a godless nation and in due time (if it is not already happening) “We will reap what we sow”. When a nations moral fiber is missing, destroyed, or misplaced trouble will always come. If you are a reader of the Bible you can see this as well as I do. The American people must return to their first love. The love of God and His commandments. Yes! God’s commandments and laws have everything to do with it.

To put everything in terms that everybody will understand let us look at the history of this country. This country was founded on Christianity and the teachings that are found between the pages of that Book. The founding fathers of this country knew that and based every decision that they made accordingly. Because of this our nation (that was under God) prospered. We have lived better and prospered more than any other nation in the world. God did indeed shed His Grace on us. We prospered and became strong. We became a world leader. Just research what some of our great leaders from the past have said about God and His Word. There is more about George Washington than him crossing the Delaware. He was a spiritual man. Just read some of his writings and speeches. The same can be said about the rest of our forefathers. For the most part they were also godly men. The walls of our nation are broken and the enemy floods in. I am speaking spiritually. But not only that there is a enemy from within that would destroy us.

But now because of the sins of the people, the sins of the leadership, and just plain turning our back on God we find ourselves in a cross roads. What the people do in the very near future will make or break this country forever. We can go into bondage to serve other nations and other gods or we, as a nation, can repent return to God and ask His divine help in restoring this great nation. What will it be America? Will you be one of the ones who stand up?

How does anybody expect God to bless a country that has turned their back on Him? The laws of this nation was founded on His word. Now any sign of Christianity has been taken down. The ten commandment, pictures of Christ, and you name it are now not allowed in our court rooms or government buildings. Christmas carols about the Lord are no longer allowed in our schools and if you are politically correct you will say happy holidays instead of “MERRY CHRISTMAS”. Once there was Bible reading and prayer in school, now it is not allowed. We allow abortions on demand, Homosexuals parade our streets, get married in our churches, and it is being taught in our schools that it is okay for Adam to marry Steve. A persons mind has to be deranged to even consider this let alone allow it! No wonder home schooling is growing by leaps and bounds among the Christian community. We have heard our president telling other middle east countries that we are no longer a Christian nation. He also has said that the Bible and our constitution is out of date, and the list goes on and on. The scripture says “Forever thy word is settled in Heaven” and also “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet” Yes this nation has turned its back on God.

I have asked this question before, but it needs to be asked again. Will our nation be like Sodom and Gomorrah? Will we continue down the same path of ungodliness, as we are going now, or will we be like Nineveh that repented of their wicked ways? We must take the blinders off our eyes and see where we come from and what ready made us a great nation. Then we must look at what we are doing now and where we are headed. We as a nation must chose this day who we will serve! As for me and my house, well we will serve the Lord. We will abide by and keep His commandments.

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