Friday, September 3, 2010

Remembering My Father’s House – can you?

Ever since I was twelve years old I have been in church. I was not sent to church, but I went with the whole family. As I sit back and remember some of the things that happen in some of the churches that I attended it grieves my soul to see where the church of the Living God is today. The church has come a long way since my child hood and for the most part it is not the same church that I once knew and grew up in. Thru my eye sight and what I have seen in the past, to me there is a great falling away of our churches. You might ask me how I can say that when we have so many mega churches in the world today. You might want to say I am wrong because of all the mega churches and their thousands of people, but am I?

In the 1950’s and before there was great revivals, brush arbor meetings, camp meetings, and meetings in people’s homes because there was a great hunger for the things of God. People were saved, healed, and delivered from bondage. What a time that was! When we went to church the first place that we went to was the prayer room. You always got to church early so you could go to the prayer room. The church always had a standard and it was lifted high. In those day it made no difference what denomination you were, you held up that standard. The church was there to seek out and help the lost, the dying, and the sick. It was there to take the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the world. I can remember listening on the radio to A.A. Allen, Oliver B. Green, Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, R.G. Hardy, Jack Coe, and many others. Most all of these men were of different denominations, but they had one thing in common. The preached Christ and Him crucified! To me they were all men of God that preached the word of God to a lost and dying world. To me they were renown men of old. I wonder what they would say about most of the churches today? I can tell you this: They would cry out against the most of them.

I, personally, think that most churches today are not in the world, but the world is in the churches. I say this because of what I have seen down through the years. I can look back now and reflect on the falling away of our churches. And I also believe as our churches go, so goes our great country. When the standard of our churches are lowered so is the standards of this great nation. Just as I said earlier, and it needs repeating, the church is the foundation of this great country and as the church goes so goes this country.

Now I know that some of you will not agree with me in what I’m about to say, but I believe it to be the truth. Most churches today have a form of godliness, but that is just about as far as it goes. Most of them are way out in left field. What do I mean? For one example you have more people in the church that will go to a church dinner than will go out and seek the lost and dying. We have more preachers telling you how to get rich (preaching the prosperity message) than telling you about God’s Word. I always was taught and thought that God would take care of my needs according to His riches in Glory and by his blessed Grace He has. More people are flocking to churches today to here the prosperity message and how to get rich quick than to hear the Word of God.

It is also a shame that the churches of the Living God, The churches that once stood for what is right, now do not council people when they need help. They send the people to a psychiatrist or psychologist to get help with their problem. What better place can you go than to God’s House and to God’s man to have that yoke removed from your neck. IT IS THE ANNOINTING THAT BREAKS THE YOKE! Not the psychiatrist’s sofa! That is one of the main functions of the man of God to care for his flock. What we need in our churches today are men that can stand up and say: SILVER AND GOLD HAVE I NONE, BUT SUCH AS I HAVE I GIVE UNTO THEE.

We have, in our churches more chicken dinners, fashion shows, yard sales, soup days, bingo, and you name it than we have prayer meetings, revivals, and people saved. What a great falling away from the truth! Our churches, for the most part, have become social gathering places instead of churches. To me it is a shame and disgrace when we have in the front of our churches a sign that advertises the soup days, yard sales, and chicken dinners instead of what it should be saying: “Jesus Saves” or something on that line. You might not agree with me but it is a disgrace. Think about it, this is God’s house, not the local diner or the fire house.

Some churches use every way but the right way to bring the younger people into church. When I was younger it was the pure raw word of God, that was preached by a man of God, that brought me to Christ, not some of the drawing cards used by churches today. If Christ is in the mist a church needs nothing else. Your child will take home a gift that will never grow old.

Why do we not have Bible reading, and prayer in our public schools anymore? Why is the Bible and the Ten Commandments being taking out of our court rooms and government buildings? Why are homosexuals parading our streets and getting married in our churches? Some homosexuals are even standing behind the sacred desk. Why are unborn babies killed by the millions in this country? It is because of the great falling away of our churches from what is right and holy! If all churches, no matter what the denomination is, would stand up and be counted and say enough is enough there would be a great change in this country. Once again let me say: It is the church that is the foundation of this nation and as the church goes so goes the nation!

The church as a whole needs to return to their first love. We need to prays that God will bind us together and take a stand for what is right. We must return to God. We need to have less soup days, less chicken dinners, less bingo and yard sales. We need to have more anointed preaching, more of the love of God, and preachers that will stand up and speak the truth, because in the end it is the truth that will set this nation, the church, and the people free!

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Tim Shey said...

I once went to church years ago, and all I really remember about that congregation were ice cream socials, ski trips, Bible verse memorization, fun things to do and people who loved talking about the world and being conformed to the world. They definitely had a form of godliness and that was about it. I would call that church a Lukewarm Christian Social Club.

Yes, there are a lot of churches in this nation that reject Christ. If there is no salt in ourselves, then how will we preserve this nation--our ridiculous mega-government won't save us, that's for sure.

What poisons the United States is not some oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. What poisons this country is legalized abortion and people promoting homosexual rights--homosexuality is a sin.

The Lord warned Israel in the Old Testament not to be idol worshippers like the surrounding heathen nations or the Lord would vomit the people of Israel out of the land. There is a lot of idolatry in the United States--many people worship everything but the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord judged the United States between 1861-1865 with a Civil War--at least 620,000 men died from that conflict because of the sin of slavery. The United States has been legally aborting babies since 1973: How will the Lord judge the United States because of this sin?

Legalized abortion is a thousand times worse than chattel slavery ever was--at least some slaves could run away and head north to freedom. A mother's womb in the United States is a much more violent place than all the battlefields the United States has fought in since 1775.