Sunday, August 22, 2010


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We are living in an age or period of time that is of overwhelming concern and importance to everyone of us, or at least it should be. But to many it is just another day. The whole world is in turmoil. Political leaders, congressman, lawmakers, and legislators, men and women who hold positions of trust and authority, thinking men and women of all classes, Important People, who most people have faith in and have confidence in, have their attention focused and are all ears upon the events taking place around us. People are watching the strained, restless relations that exist between countries. Thousands of people scrutinize and examine the intensity that is taking possession of every earthly factor, and they realize this one thing, that something great and decisive, something that is critical, is about to happen. They know that the world is on the threshold of a tremendous predicament. It is on the verge of disaster. These people are just starting to realize this, but the Bible has predicted this and has never failed to be right as politicians and the government is.
Even with all the signs that are taking place, there are many people who make fun of and ridicule at the idea that this world will come to and end. They laugh at the Bible. There is even a well-liked song, "It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)". That song makes fun of and mocks the idea of the end of the world and people being prepared and ready for it. People are just deceived and they must get into a right frame of mind before it is to late. Time is winding up. Most Americans are more worried about their trip to the beach than the condition of the world and this country. As long as their boat is not rocked they could care less. There is a people who can see the writing on the wall and they are God’s people. If it was not for their prayers and seeking God for this country we would be in a lot worse condition.

The Bible gives us the truth about what is really happening, it says that Angels are even now restraining and stopping the winds of strife, that they may not blow until the world can be warned of its coming doom. But there is a tempest that is gathering, ready to erupt upon the earth; and when God tell His angels loose the winds, there will be a scene of trouble and discord that no one can imagine. You think things are bad now just wait for the coming conflict and the wrath that is coming to this world. Only those who are ready will escape.
The Bible, and the Bible only, gives us the correct view of things that will take place. Not no world leader, not the president, not congress, Only the Bible reveals the great and final scenes of the history of our country and this world. The events taking place today are a forerunner and a sign to the final events which even by their drawing near cause the earth to tremble and shake. 

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