Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What is your Destination?

Have you ever took stock of your life? Where you have come from and where you are going to? That is something that everybody one day thinks about. What road are we taking in our life? Are we on that broad road to destruction or are we on the narrow road that leads to Heaven and eternal life. This is a decision and a choice that all will have to make. "CHOOSE THIS DAY WHO YOU WILL SERVE" We have this choice to make. That broad road of sin leads to the destruction of your soul. It will take you to a eternal hell were you will be tormented for ever and ever. Some people will say that this is very strong words but that road to destruction is widening itself more everyday and more people are on that broad way to destruction. Hell is enlarging itself and I do not want anybody to go there. One of the most important decisions in our lives is where we are going to spend eternity. I want to travel that narrow road that takes me to Glory.
We all have to walk the pathway of life. It is how we walk that path is what makes the difference in the end. That way starts with believing that The Bible is the very word of God and in this Book of Books is found the way (the only way) to eternal life. It tells us that Jesus is the way. We must believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. It is our road map for our journey and we must believe that it is He who holds our hand. As we travel down this narrow road we will know:
  • Jesus is the master of the sea.: He is the one who can calm the storms in your life.
  • Jesus is the bread of life: He is the source of all our spiritual needs
  • Jesus is the living water: In Him we will never thirst again.
  • Jesus is the great "I AM": He always was and always will be
  • Touching Jesus is all that matters: No matter what the problem
  • Jesus will supply all your needs: No matter what they are
  • To trust and obey: For there is no other way
  • When God said, THOU SHALL NOT: That is what He means
  • He has gone to prepare a place for us: His word tells us so
  • He is our soon coming king: A righteous king
  • There is a Heaven to gain and a hell to shun: The Choice is ours
The problem is most people in this world do not realize these truths that come from God's Word. They are on that broad road to destruction which is caused by not believing in the truths found in the scriptures. Most people have the attitude that: Let us eat, drink, be merry, for tomorrow we may die.
They give no thought of what happens after they die. But this is something that all people must think about and realize there is a judgment day coming. There is no high road or low road to heaven. It is only the narrow road that will get you there. There is only one door and one way to heaven. That way is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Trying any other way will put a person on that broad road to hell. If You want "PEACE IN THE VALLEY", no more sickness, no more sorrow, no more sadness, then take that narrow road and enter into the rest that is promised to all those who believe.

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