Sunday, April 19, 2009

These Troubles Times

In Troubled times such as theses many people are forced to scale back, to take jobs that pay way less (if they can be found), do with out certain things and just live a lot different in order to survive. There is no exception to the pressures of this day and time. The only exception is the way a person handles these uncertain times. Some people will resort to violence and crime, some families will split up over money and bills. It will bring confusion in many homes turning man and his wife against one another. Many a hurtful words will be spoke.These kind of things ought not to be and they always happen in times like we are experiencing now. Some Christians will be sorely tested and some will come through these troubled times with a mountain moving faith. But what happens if you do not have that mountain moving faith? Then that mustard seed faith will provide, Because that is were all mountain moving faith comes from. It starts as a grain of mustard seed. All great men of faith went through trying times and they all started with that mustard seed faith. Until Jesus comes and makes me whole I will not be denied! That means health, finances, food, shelter, and all my needs. He is my great provider and yours! I believe that all Christians should keep their thoughts in perspective and rely on the teachings that we find in the Bible and remain solidly focused on them. The scriptures plainly tell us in Philippians that "Our God will supply all our needs." With that in mind our focus on the times that we live in today should be steadfast and not change as long as the Lord tarries no matter how difficult the economic times may appear to be. We must be true to our faith through it all. In other words in times like theses we must not only talk the talk, but we must walk the walk. God said in his word that He "would not fall thee or forsake thee" Let us remember this that He is a God in the valley as well as a God of the Mountains. Now is the time to draw nigh to God and call upon His name. I believe that time is winding up and it is near the coming of the Lord. Who knows what we all must face before Our Lord appears. I can say this with all confidence my eyes is on Jesus for I know who holds tomorrow and I know who holds my hand. I, with all my heart, firmly believe that we are living on the fringes of the tribulation, in the time when we are to look toward heaven for our Lords Coming. All we have to do is read the many prophecies that are in the Bible, ones that are full filled and the ones that are yet to be full filled to know that our Lords coming is soon and very soon.

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