Friday, April 17, 2009

Consider The Lillies

This world's economy is not looking to good right now. We have bank failures, mortgage foreclosures, people losing jobs, companies going out of business, life savings being lost, the government going crazy with their pork projects, and troubles from within and without that makes things even harder for the person who is trying to live a normal life. People are asking their self these questions, Where will we turn? What will we do? Who is going to help us? How will I pay for this? What is going to happen to us? theses are truths that everyone must face and act upon. As Christians we must remember that we have a source of power that for centuries has never been tapped out nor can it be. That power source is never ending. That source had no beginning and has no ending. We must have a unwavering faith that says "I BELIEVE GOD". We must believe the Word of God and live by it. Faith can still move the mountains in you life. We must put God first and everything else will work out. Did not God provide for Noah and his family in the ark. They were safe in that ark. The storm raged around them, but they were safe, sheltered in the arms of God. Even though the storms of this life are raging about us we also can be in that ark of safety, sheltered in the arms of God. The problem with a lot of Christians in todays world is their belief has turned to doubt and the mustard seed of faith has gone. I believe God! I believe the same God that Rolled back the waters of the mighty Red Sea, The God that feed and protected the Hebrew Children for 40 years, The same God that fed Elijah by the brook and gave him water to drink, The same God who Saved the three Hebrew Children from the fiery furnace, The same God who delivered Daniel from the lion's den, The same God who fed the multitudes and the same God who turned the water into wine can also turn our problems into gladness. We must only believe. All things are possible to those who believe.

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