Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Home Coming

A Message To My Christian Friends: A short time ago I the occasion to go to the grave side service for one of my best friend's mother. The Lord blessed her with a long life. She was a born again Christian. She was all set, prepared and ready to meet the Lord. As I arrived at the graveside the service was already in progress. After the service each person articulated their condolences and sympathy to the family and then everyone just stood around and talked, like as with most funerals. There were people at the grave site that I had not seen in twenty years and we were all so delighted to see each other. We hugged each other and kissed each other on the neck. It was a grand reunion. Instead of feeling sad and depressed I was uplifted. I thought to myself is it right to be this way at a funeral. I started to be upset with myself for feeling this way.
Then as I was walking through the cemetery to my pick-up truck, I thought that what happen was so out of the ordinary, but then the Lord spoke to me, as I felt His over whelming presence, {It is so good to feel His presence} and He reminded me of that grand home coming day when we shall all meet our loves ones in heaven. That will be no sad day either. I quivered all over about the beautiful thought that I was thinking and even now as I write this article I feel The Lord's hand in it. That great grand reunion day. Oh what a day that will be! Just as my friend's mother has met all her love ones at her home coming in Heaven so shall we also meet all our love ones at our homecoming, since we shall be known as we are known. Some glad morning at my homecoming I too will see my dear mother, grandmothers, uncles, cousins, my brothers and sisters in the Lord who have gone on before me, But the most important thing for me is this, "I will sit at the Master's feet and will be in His presence for ever more." Now that will be a meeting I do declare! You and I, my friend, may go by the way of the grave, as my friend's mother did and my loved ones did, or we shall be caught up in the air and raptured when the Lord comes for His own and we shall be forever more in the presence of the Lord and with our loved ones. As I left and road down the highway I took the time to thank the Lord for putting me in remembrance of that Blessed day when we will all not only see our loved ones, but we will see Jesus and be with Him and our loved ones throughout all eternity.

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