Wednesday, March 20, 2013


O' Jesus! You are standing

Outside the fast-closed door,

In lowly patience waiting,

To pass the threshold o'er:

We  bear the names of Christians,

Your name and sign we bear:

Oh, Shame, thrice shame on us!

To keep you standing there.


O Jesus! You are knocking;

And lo! That hand is scarred,

And thorns Your brow encircle,

And tears Your face has marred:

O love that passeth knowledge,

So patiently to wait!

O sin that has no equal'

So fast to bar the gate!


O Jesus! You are pleading

In accents meek and low --

I died for you, My children,

And will you treat me so?

O Lord with shame and sorrow

We open now the door;

Dear Saviour, enter, enter,

And leave us nevermore!


                          William W. How


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