Sunday, March 17, 2013

America’s Break Down

I believe, with all my heart, that the breakdown of the American family unit certainly has to be one of the root causes of all of our nation’s problems, but none of the “intellectuals” (the ones who seem to know it all) or the politicians seem to want to admit it, or more importantly, take steps to re-strengthen the family unit. This country will rise or fall on the family unit. The family units are building blocks that raise children that grow into leaders which bring about the structure of this country.  Even the Supreme Court must feel the pressure of the people, because they no longer make decisions based on law, but rather on their political persuasion and the pressure from power brokers (like John Roberts on Obama Care).  “The People” must once again re-assert themselves  as the most feared power brokers in the country, or the nation will be lost.  “When MARRIAGE  no longer conforms to God's Law, it is no longer Holy, and the importance of motherhood & fatherhood is stripped from the family.”The family unit, as God wanted it is gone (Eph Chapter 5)

Since marriage & the moral law have come under attack, we have seen Obama and several celebrities speak out in support of the heavy-handed, coercive agenda (straight from Satan) that imposes acceptance of homosexuality on conscientious Americans who obey and live by God’s laws that are found in His word.  Whether it is pressuring the Boy Scouts to accept homosexuals in their ranks, despite the fact of having already experienced numerous cases of child sexual abuse due to homosexual predators; or people at Christian organizations getting shot because a businessman publicly expresses support for a one man- one woman marriage (Chik-fil-A;) or whether it is government using their power in forcing public schools, military clubs, private business, and other organizations to accept not only homosexual behavior, but the confusion of transvestitism and transgenderism (where boys masquerade as girls or girls masquerade as boys, including using public showers and restrooms with people of the opposite gender.)  Our ability to say “NO” to same-sex marriage is directly related to our ability to say, “NO” to these connected lifestyle choices which go against God’s law, put our children at tremendous risk, and are the subject of legislation in our the state houses across the land as well as in Washington, D.C.  Re-defining marriage will affect what WE are allowed to teach our CHILDREN to believe and live by—it will therefore negatively impact the institution of marriage for ALL FAMILIES & ALL GENERATIONS in the future.

What we need in this country is a spiritual revival, that starts with me and you.One that declares That we no longer will put up with these things that go against God’s laws and his purposes. A revival that puts God, and His laws first. Let us once again (with God’s help) go back to the founding principles of this country. This country was built on a rock and that rock was Christ Jesus. Everything that our forefathers did had Christ in it and if Christ is in it “who can be against you?” When we, as a nation, stand on that solid Rock we will once again have the help of our Lord.

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