Friday, September 14, 2012

Trusting Jesus

trust           "Without faith it is impossible to please God: for he that cometh to God must believe that He is  (that God exists), and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him." (Hebrew 11:6)





Relationships have to be based on trust, but in this life here on this earth, we face so many problems.  For some examples, we may have limited finance, the economy has taken a nose dive and we are in need because of it, some people  have lost their jobs, some have lost love ones, and there is a lot of broken marriages that were based on trust. We have saw ungodly change in our government, They have left Our Lord out,  and there are many other storms in this life. Through all these difficulties people say they love the Lord, but how many people really and truly trust Him to bring us out of the problems and storms of this life. Jesus is always there for us. No matter what the problem He was there all the time. 

In our life time we have many broken  relationships that were base on trust and they lead to hurt, fear, confusion, and sometimes anger. Those feelings are real and reasonable, and because of that  we are now cautious about trusting a close relationships, especially after have so many bad ones.  But when we remove all close, trusting relationships, we are also closing the door to great joy and a fullness of life God intended for us. While situations differ, one truth remains – we live in an imperfect, cruel, and sinful world. Living in this sinful world, people are capable of breaking a trust. In reality, they may not even trust their own decisions, actions, and thoughts.

In this world that we live in sometimes even your closest friends can sometimes be untrustworthy if they are not walking hand and hand with Jesus.  But there is someone else, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He is always trust worthy. Even though we live in a imperfect world His love for us is overwhelming. He knows all our problems and our need for help. While we have broken our trust relationship with Him, He will never fail us. We can trust Him, His love, His forgiveness, and His help in every situation while we live in a hurting and sinful world. Put your trust in Jesus, the one who sticks closer than a brother. He has always been there for me through many trail, heart aches, and failures. I trust him with all my heart and I know that no mater how bad this world gets, no matter about past broken relationships, no matter about my finances, my health, or anything else I will see him face to face, someday, and I will be with the one who died for me, forever. Trust Jesus He will never let you down.