Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Moral Decay Of Our Churches

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Having a form of godliness, but denying its power: from such turn away. (2 Timothy 3:5)
This is a important scripture that is often by passed by most Christians and also most church denominations. However no matter how you look at this verse it is all important and much more so in today's world. Not only has most of the world denied the power of the cross and the resurrected Savior but some modern day churches that call their self Christians do the same thing. They deny part if not all of the power of that old cross. I'm not speaking of the piece of wood that Christ was crucified on, but of the symbol and the act that took place that day nearly two thousand ago. It is the base of our faith and the faith that moves mountains out of the way! The truth of the matter is the modern church is only a "outward resemblance" of "True Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ" You can not say that you believe in the power of The Holy Spirit and The Cross of Christ if you believe in and promote the works of human psychology. They are totally against each other. If a person would only read what both stand for and what they both teach you would quickly see that psychology goes against the teaching of the Bible. But nearly all churches, including Pentecostal, will go the way of psychology. My thought is this: "Jesus is the answer to the problems of this world and not man made psychology. He went to the cross for not only our salvation but for all the problems of man kind. That includes your problems and mine.
Salvation is an all inclusive word. We can read in many different places in the Bible where Jesus went to the cross for our healing, our well being, and to grant us to forever to be with him in eternity. How much better can that get. We can read in the scriptures a lot of faith building verses that if they are believed and acted on will be a ever lasting deliverance:

  • Jesus said, "I come that you might have live and more abundantly"
  • We are told by His strips we are healed.
  • We are told that: My God will supply all our needs by His riches in Glory, by Christ Jesus. In other words Jesus has already paid that price on the cross. It all comes by Him.
Not only do a lot of churches deny the cross, but they also deny the presents of the Holy Spirit and in doing that they become powerless and only have a form of godliness. No great work or answered prayer to any degree will be answered in a church that denies the power of the Holy Ghost. From all the reading and studying that I do (and I say that not to brag, but to say there is nothing better) find that faith in the cross is our guarantee that we will get the help of the Holy Spirit in the time of need, no matter what that need is. Making psychology the object of our faith as well as other things is denying the power of The Holy Spirit.
In one of the gospels Jesus said that the sick are the ones that need the physician. How can most churches help the sick today when they will not allow the Great Physician in to do his job? Most churches today are like a hospital with no medicine and how can you help some body like that? Denying that power is a bad thing, a bad way to go because there is no other help that will save, heal, set free, and provide because He is the great "I AM"

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Elizabeth said...

Amen! Everywhere you go....dead churches. Walking dead preachers teaching a lifeless gospel to a dead congregation! Powerless without God!