Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In A Time Such As This!

There is most certainly a war 0n the horizon in the Middle East because the Muslim countries are determined and bent  to destroy Israel, We, as Christians, know this. because we are in-tune with the word of God. It will be a war that will be very serious and the effects of this war will be felt all over the world. This war will be about, the future existence of the state of Israel and in the end the free world. It will involve all of the Muslim countries, the same as in the past, the Muslims will attack Israel to try, as they say, to drive the Jews into the sea.  So much for that peaceful religion called Islam. Whenever this war starts, do not think that it is restricted to that area. Americans everywhere must do everything we can to put a stop to the enemies of Israel and freedom everywhere by letting these people think they have an opportunity to destroy Israel and freedom around the world. What do I mean? It means simply this, standing as one with Israel. 

The challenge (The fight) with the Islamist is this, they seek to impose their religion on everybody, This is what most people do not understand.  It is time for freedom loving people around the world to wake up and smell the coffee.  It is not only Israel but it is all the world that does not go along with their agenda. We are approaching the end of the age fast and people are numb as to what is happening in this world. If they would only read their Bible they would see what is clearly happening. Yes the Bible, because you can never believe what a newspaper or the news on TV will tell you. They lie, but God’s word is true! Amen!

“The problem is that, because in the end  the Muslims  must (according to sharia law), and according to what they believe is God’s will, make everyone feel subdued in order to achieve their purpose, These people will not stay restrained or moderate. They will not be satisfied with anything less than the final domination of sharia law and they certainly will not resist the use of violence when it becomes the means and method to get their way.” Not only is Israel in danger, the whole world is. There is a rising tide of Islamist governments growing throughout Middle East and North Africa and spreading even further.  They have all but taken over Europe. Just look at the news from there. They are taking over.

“We’re witnessing not just the violent kind of jihad that these Islamist believe God compels them to engage in, but also, where they must for premeditated reasons, use a more sneaky kind, or civilized jihad known as the Muslim Brotherhood.  If you take time to look you can see that playing out, not only in the Middle East but also in Europe, in Australia, in Canada and here in the United States. We must wake up! The spread of Sharia, is the most pressing and serious challenge we face as Christians and a free people. Yes not only Israel but the free world.

Through craftiness and just being plain sneaky, they have lucratively made a way into important parts of the free world including our own government and civil institutions.” We now even have Muslims worshiping in our Christian  churches. These people are working overtime to accomplish their purpose of a Muslim world. The fiddler plays as Rome burns! By his own actions Obama embraces the Muslim Brotherhood. By doing this he is legitimating our enemies. He is giving them the go ahead. He helps their influence, their action, and their saturation into our very way of life and it greatly increases the prospect that they will be successful at what the Muslim Brotherhood’s own documents indicate is their desire, which is to destroy western civilization from within.” Wake up Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama. Democracy is okay, with Muslims,  if all you want is one-man-one-vote one-time. That is precisely what the Muslim Brotherhood and its like-minded Islamist friends want.” People all over the world are being fooled or they think that it is nothing that they have to worry about. Boy are these people wrong!

“The president (if that is what you want to call him, I have a better name for him) and his administration are not trying to stop them. It is more like they are helping them. What we are going to wind up with in the end, not just in Tunisia, not just in Libya, not just in Egypt, but probably also in Syria, as we have in Lebanon, as we have in Gaza and probably will have down the road in Yemen, Bahrain, maybe Saudi Arabia  is the takeover through the ballot box and terrorism  of all people.  They will never allow others freedom, they will impose Sharia law and they will use whatever means they can gather, not only to suppress and hold back their own people, but to endanger us as well!”

As The followers of Jesus Christ we need to be on our knees seeking God's help in turning this dangerous tide of  Muslim terrorist who want to impose their way of life on God's people and a free world. Who knows if you or I might be here in this world for such a time as this. I will always speak out about this enemy of God's children and Israel. God bless the USA and the nation of Israel! Even so come Lord Jesus is my prayer.

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