Monday, May 23, 2011

The Views of Heaven in the Koran

Below is the mind set of the people who are slowly taking over America and the world! (The fiddler plays while Rome burns)

[1] Koran 44:51-59 states .that large eyed virgins are awaiting Muslims in heaven

[2] Koran 78:31-35 states that female virgins will have large swelling breast.

[3] In heaven the virginity of these women, according to the Koran, will be automatically restored after each encounter [ Koran 56:35]

[4] Men in Paradise will recline on couches surrounded by fruit, meat, and beautiful women [[Koran 52:16-22]

[5] The Koran states that Muslim men in Heaven will have a virtual assortment of sex, in other words what ever is desired [Koran 55:62-77]

[6] In the Hadith, it is said that men will have the availability of 72 virgins and, in fact there will be also a free sex market for both men and women. [Hadith Al Hadis vol 4 Page 172 No. 34]

[7] The Koran claims that in Heaven men will enjoy a fountain of wine, which they can enjoy with out ever getting drunk [Koran 37:45]

[8] The Koran also states that those who wish for pleasure of young boys will find many in paradise. [Koran 76:19]

[9] The Koran states that all Muslims must fight until there is no worship but that of Allah. [Koran 2:123; 8:39]

[10] Christians and Jews must be exterminated [Koran 2:193; 9;5; 29:30]

[11] Those who convert to Christianity or leave the Islamic religion, for any reason, must be killed. [Koran 4: 4:91

[12] Muhammad said: “Who ever changes his religion, kill him!” [Al-Bukhari 9:57]

[13] Those who criticize Islam must be killed [Koran 9:12; 45:9]

[14] Those who cut off the heads of infidels are guaranteed paradise [Koran 47:4-6]

[15] By killing, one is following the example of Muhammad, who killed as well        [Koran 33:21] 

[16] The prophets of Islam are to promote terrorism. [Koran 17:59]

The Muslims, beyond the shadow of a doubt, are bent on possessing this planet for Allah, either by coercion or persuasion. They do not lack the will to use whatever means necessary, even to the slaughter of millions, only the way. By devious means they are making a great headway around the world.  The word ‘Jihad’ is one of the great words in the Muslim vocabulary. In effect, it is a declaration of war against all and everything that is not Muslim.  

NOTE: This article, in part, is from ‘The Evangelist’ and wrote by Jimmy Swaggart.


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